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[Cebu FAT ASS Trail 2016] 7-Photo Challenge of Cebu City Trails

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Cebu FATASS Trail Run: Moves to Do

Upcoming Event: Fat-Ass 50K Route Familiarization, July 17, 2016 (36KM only as preview. FREE!) >>
Cebu FAT ASS Trail 2016 – 50km & 80km, Oct. 14, 2016 >>

Cebu Trail Runners has been organizing group runs / treks in the trails of Cebu City. This Oct. 14, 2016 will be the 3rd edition of Cebu Fat Ass Trail Run, Cebu FAT ASS Trail 2016 – 50km & 80km (Details here >>). As a way to familiarize with the route for those interested, they will have a series of group treks. The first one will be this Sunday, July 17, 2016. Find details here >>.

So why do Cebu Trail Runners keep coming back to these trails in Cebu City?!? Let me show you why in photos. This is also my response to a friend challenging me the popular 7-Day Nature Photo Challenge, these are my 7 Nature Photos taken in the trails of Cebu City (some of the photos below were / will be part of the Cebu Fat Ass Trail Run 2016).

1. The early morning colors up in the trails with the backdrop of Cebu City does not fail to make you feel so good about life.

In photo is Nap dela Torre, the antique trail runner of Cebu. This was the very first time I joined the Cebu Trail Runners in getting beaten up in the trails of Cebu City.

2. Classic Cebu Fat Ass view.

However how dead-tired you are going around for hours in the Cebu Fat Ass Trail route, this view will definitely is more potent than energy drink in giving you a kick. (Though, I’m not sure if this is included in 2016 edition.)

3. I would argue to death that Cebu has the most delicious mangoes, and they certainly do make a wonderful trail shade.

Anyone who trekked the trails of Cebu City is very familiar with this scene. This is on the way to the popular stopover, Manuel’s.


4. Cebu City does have rivers — fresh clean rivers up in the mountains.

This photo does not give justice to the prettiness of this but when you’re dead-tired, you just snap photos away without much thinking if it’s instagram-worthy or not. =)

5. Even our trails are not spared from Pinoy’s basketball fanaticism. When you are in the middle of nowhere trail, and you found a basketball court, you definitely know that you’re walking on a trail in the Philippines.


6. You know what is “tagaytay” in English? It’s ridge. Get to know more about it by exploring the unlimited ridges / tagaytays in the upcoming Cebu Fat Ass Trail Run 2016.

That’s me in pink. This “tagaytay” is so “hangak!”

Photo from Cebu Trail Runners

Photo from Cebu Trail Runners

7. Poor man’s Sirao Flower Farm.

If you cannot afford the entrance fee to the popular Celosa Flower Farms in Sirao, Cebu Fat Ass Trail Run can get you to unlimited flower farms.

This is definitely a tough challenge. It’s hard to pick up a few photos from the many beautiful photos of Cebu City Trails. So I will throw this challenge to some trail-running friends. And, we will be sharing in the upcoming posts photos from other Cebu Trail Runners members, and other friends.

In line with the upcoming Cebu Trail Runners’ Cebu FAT ASS Trail Run, we will be posting more about nature and trail stories. Subscribe to get posted!
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