[Race Story] Hunat Sugbu 6: Ask Nothing from Your Running…

Event: Hunat Sugbu 6, June 26, 2016
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“Ask nothing from your running, and you’ll get more than you ever imagined.” – Born to Run

In my case, I get a lot of photos. =) Above quote is one of my most favorites.

This has to be my most favorite among the photos because if you look closely, it looks like I have wings.
Photos below from Paksit Photos, more >>
13482908_530574823801700_7994863694056835541_o (2)
COSPLAY. It’s because at the back of me is one of the most favorite runners in Cebu, Ms. Twinkle Gonzales. She puts the fun in fun runs with her colorful costumes.
After some time of not being in an organized fun run, I may have forgot about hydration technique, pacing (not that it’s really that critical in 12K) but I do still remember about the basics of how to be PHOTOGRAPHED in running. =)

Following are some tips in facebook-perfect running photos.

The best way is STAND OUT by being inspiring.
Photos below from TriLife Magazine, more here >>.
13522974_1756279864655800_99293146733930215_o (1)

13498043_1756283601322093_5656100046379717608_oMa’am Lulu, a 5-piece/day habit. The 5-piece/day is a movement to have a healthier environment started by Tony Galon, CUC president.

Photo by Paksit Photos

Photo by Paksit Photos

The key is “Bahalag maligsan, keep the beast mode or the smiles.”
Photos below from John Domingo / FotoSmile, more here >>.


13483159_1804679916417222_2509527424977732988_o (1)


Curb is not so flattering to my “body shape,” 
Photos below from Monstar Production, more here >>.
13522809_1635639843430091_7938265144102624943_o…except when you have 0.05% body fat.


Be prepared. Prepare your pose in advance.
Photos below from Paksit Photos, more here >>

13482831_530500137142502_213814060855484036_oAnd, keep a good distance and space from other runners (so as you will not end up looking like a photobomber like the others above).13502990_530500133809169_9032480015658879375_oIf all things fail, you can kindly ask the photographer to take your photo. =)

13495565_530525377139978_5378980423335134785_oBut as the world is unfair, some are just effortlessly photogenic, and…


…pretty trucker caps from Paksit Photos / Running won’t hurt. All together, swoon!

And, of course, don’t forget to thank all the photographers!


Here are some random photos I took along the way.

Familiar faces are a joy to see!

The guy responsible for making the awesome shirts and medals of Hunat Sugbu, Ervin!
The Parklane Crew
The Pocari Gang
The SAFE team
Ooppss, I forgot to take photos of the photographers.

*Featured photo credits to Paksit Photos.
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