Heroes Run: Batman vs Superman & My Superpower

Event: Heroes Run: Batman v Superman Run, April 9, 2016

What is harder than your 1st fun run? A comeback run after a long absence.

IGNORANCE IS A BLISS. Unfortunately, having been running for a few years, I no longer have the ignorance. It seemed harder when I could visualize the hardships / challenges that I would encounter especially when it was in April, the peak of the summer heat.

So instead of being excited of joining a fun run for the very first time in Metro Manila, I found myself so anxious. The 10K category, my friend and I signed up to, was scarier than my previous half-marathons or longer.

It did not help that we came in late at the starting line because Manila traffic. But it was probably a blessing in disguise because I got to run ahead of celebrities, who also came in late, for a few seconds because they were so fast. I could only make out Kuya Kim Atienza, and Anne Curtis. My friend Chay swore that Dingdong Dantes was also in their pack. Anyhow, below is a proof that I was running with celebrities.

But aside from celebrities, it was more heartwarming to see a lot of other everyday runners like me bathed by the early morning sun rays, and…

… the real superheroes who have different capes on their back.


Also, I had my own superhero at that fun run who got us into 8min/km despite all the selfies we took during the race.


But nothing made me happiest upon seeing the “LAST 500M” signboard of my 1st 10KM fun run this 2016. After a long absence in running, I was just happy to know that somehow I still have “it,” that gift of running.
IMG_8821 (1)

Running is probably the closest to superpower I could have. Not because that I could run fast (and I’m far from being physically fit), but it toughens me up – mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Call it cheesy, but running really helps me a lot in life.

Running made me realized I am my own superhero.

To celebrate, we had good coffee for breakfast.

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  1. Charisse Ann Enerio 23 June, 2016 at 10:33 am #

    coffee after a run is the best recovery food..hahahaha!

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