Fave-brewing Coffee Places in Cebu, Philippines

(Updated: 01/10/2017)

Character. Aside from being able to serve decent cup of joe, I love to coffee shops that have “character.”

In our previous post, we shared our coffee crawling experience in Cebu. This time we’ll share about some of our favorite coffee places. Places which can make one roll the coffee inside your mouth, make it stay a bit longer before it turns into piss.

There’s a lot of coffee shops popping up in Cebu. But it’s rare to find shops that can serve just decent basic coffee. I guess because Cebuanos general idea of coffee, which was also my ideal coffee then, is the “frappe / whipped-creamed coffee” — we kind of need to mask the coffee with crushed oreos and whipped cream. So most coffee shops can serve good whipped-creamed jellied coffee but not a basic cup of joe.

So to help you with this very serious first-world pains, here’s is a list of recommended coffee places.

Coffee Madness

If you want to get a feel of how Cebuanos view and taste their coffee — this is probably the place to be. This is the place that understands the general Cebuanos coffee palate but is first and foremost very good at the most basic kind of coffee. So if you want to start your journey into the love of coffee, this place is a good start because it’s not intimidating.

And, the barista / owner really knows his coffee, which I can be very particular about. You know that he drinks it, studies it, experiments it, and serves it. There’s a very big difference from a barista who is just trained to make coffee, from a coffee drinker who studies “barista” to get more into it. How passionate and learned the barista is will transcend to your drink. If the barista is “empty,” you might have a delicious coffee but it feels empty. It’s the soul.

Micky’s Cafe

Great cake cannot save a bad coffee. Great coffee can save a bad cake. – Internet

Coffee pairing. This place makes pure black coffee such an adorable enjoyable beverage with their flirty Japanese cakes in their quaint quirky cozy place. That’s too many fluffy words in one sentence but it’s how Micky’s Cafe vibes.

Try their siphon-brewed coffee, and watch the process of making it — it makes that boring black coffee exciting.

Cafe Jasmin

I could say hands-down to this coffee shop. Honestly, I’ve been there only once but there’s that certain “kick” in their coffee that you can only get in this place.

Cafe Egao

STOKED. That was my first reaction when I entered their place.

If you’re used to the “ambiance-conscious” coffee places, this place would come to you as so primitive and messy. And, that’s what make this place charming. It does not pretend.

You want to get a feel of the very “hand-made” way of creating coffee, this is what you get from this place especially when the owner “baristas” for you. They can even roast fresh beans for your coffee. Though, coffee people would say that you need to wait at least 3 days after roasting to get the optimum taste.


This is located at the back of the Marina Mall together with the stalls of DVD’s and Muslim stores, which can give the feels of being in a farmer’s market.
The owner is an Australian. And, Australia is known to be so coffee connoussier and where “flat white” originated.
Because we’re friends. But I would never put it here, unless, I could recommend it. If you’re a person who loves seeing the process of “growing” a passion into something bigger, that’s Kapehan Ceferina.
For those who are not used to black coffee drinking, and you want to get a feel of what is good black coffee, you’ll get it here.
Entering this place can remind you of your pinterest feeds. It’s so pretty that it can bring out the “selfie” in you.
One interesting thing of this place is thaf their coffee is evolving. Somehow, every time I go there, their coffee just tastes better. I mean it’s great to see that the people behind it are working on providing better experience. They host cupping sessions which you might want to check.
This is probably the hub of the local coffee scene enthusiasts. For a more very Cebu-ish with a twist of arts, check this place.
This is not mainly a coffee place. It’s a Vietnamese restaurant. And, Vietnam is also a country whose coffee culture is rich. And, I believe Vietnamese coffee, a concoction of espresso and condense milk, is something that will really appeal to a Cebuano’s palate. It’s a good change from our usual frappe.

Tazza Cafe

My friends are not really that impressed with Tazza, but it has been a favorite quick coffee place for me in the last quarter of 2016. I love their gibraltar. I’m a add-milk-to-my-coffee kind of person so places who very well mixes coffee with milk is something I adore. If you like big breakfast kind of meal; they kind of perfect it since they’re the breakfast place of Tsai Hotel.

And, one of their baristas is latte art champion.

32 Umber Cafe & Co.

The place which perfectly mix good coffee, and being instagrammable. But you can skip all the fancy coffee-based drinks. Go straight to their real coffee on the menu.



Their coffee is supplied by EDSA BDG (correct me if I’m wrong.) so it’s kind of a good start. This is my go-to coffee place for that reliable decent coffee. My go-to order is flat white.

It’s located inside Ayala Mall, near the entrance of Rustan’s but I just don’t know which floor.

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They also roast coffee beans. This is probably the most legit coffee place in Cebu City. If you are such a coffee snob, just go straight to this place.

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One of those who can serve reliable decent coffee. And, their fruit bowls should not be missed!

Care to add you favorite coffee spot?

Want to make your own coffee at home? Well share in our next coffee post on how to brew without any machines.

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