[#CheapTrails] Running in New Washington, Aklan: “Precious Moments”

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Last May 2015, my family went on an inter-island road trip in Western Visayas, Philippines. We started in Cebu then cross to Negros Occidental to Panay and back. In every town / city that we made an overnight stop, I tried to sneak in a quick run.

Running, for me, is always the best way to explore and experience a new place.

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In our 3rd overnight stopover, it was already in Panay Island. After Negros island, our goal for that day was to get to Kalibo, Aklan. So from Bacolod, Negros Occidental, we crossed to Dumangas, Iloilo (it’s the RORO port nearby to Iloilo City) via RORO boat Montenegro Lines. From Dumanggas, we still need to cover 160KM+ to reach Kalibo, Aklan. Coming from a tiny island Cebu, the 160KM distance can be daunting to think of.

We arrived at 6pm already in Dumangas so we’re not really feeling that confident trekking that distance in the dark. But after weighing the pros and cons, it would be better to just wing it in the dark.


Dumanggas Port, Iloilo

After 40KM, it was already too dark. Though, the place was safe and the roads are okay but being a first-timer on the area plus being tired, we’re ready to throw in the towel at Passi City. I think it’s the last city of Iloilo province before crossing to Capiz Province. We need to pass by Capiz Province before reaching the Aklan province. Yes, Panay island is that big.

We stopped at Passi City for a quick grub at a local fastfood Parajan Deli. We were then perked up, and decided to continue driving to Kalibo, Aklan. This way, we’d have a shorter distance to cover on going to Boracay the following day. (Tip: Skip the usual Jollibee / Mang Inasal, and try this local fastfood in Passi City. They “copy cat” popular fastfood dishes with some personal twist to them.)

IMG_2218It was midnight when we finally reached Kalibo, Aklan. We stayed in Sampaguita Gardens Resort. The resort is actually located in New Washington, Aklan. It’s one town away from Kalibo, and it is near the airport.

On the morning after, I was really not in the mood to go for a run because I was too tired from the very long drive. But the place was in a coastal area. It was too pretty to pass up.

View from our room in Sampaguita Gardens Resort

View from our room in Sampaguita Gardens Resort

I got out into the streets of New Washington, not DC.

IMG_2227I made a detour to the beach.


IMG_2225New Washington beach sand is black. It was not as attractive when thinking about Boracay’s white beach. But I actually love dark / black beaches over white beaches. There’s a certain mysterious appeal to it. =)

Unfortunately, the beach has too much trash. =(


I was hoping to see more of New Washington but my energy level was depleted, and there’s always next-time.

Of course, my run ended up in Sampaguita Gardens Resort, which is an interesting resort. It looked like a Precious Moments themed place.
I thought the owner ripped off Precious Moments. But, it’s actually owned by Sam Butcher who happened to be Precious Moments’ founder / owner.
IMG_2243 IMG_2281The resort is also popular of their Christmas Village. It basically feels Christmas the whole-year-round in their resort.
IMG_2249Precious moments, indeed, before another long drive to Caticlan, Aklan.
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