5 Reasons to Join Primary Homes’ Home Run 2015

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It still feels weird to hear the word ‘home run’ in a completely different sporting event other than the game of baseball. I played baseball from elementary through college, my dad’s a really good coach in elementary baseball and I do watch Major League Baseball, so whenever I hear ‘home run’ what comes to mind is that crisp crack of the bat hitting the leather and the roar of the crowd. It’s the most exciting play in baseball when a ball got hit our of the fence and into the crowd, because it’s like slam dunk in basketball and goal in football.


But there’s another ‘home run’ which I equally love and, believe me, the excitement level is the same. It’s the Primary Home’s Home Run 2015! I joined last year’s edition because a friend invited me. I was coming off from a 10k kiat-kiat run the night before which I oversped, busted my feet and the thought of running a 12k so early in the morning was like ‘I’m-so-dead’ But I managed and sincereously enjoyed the whole event. I’ve already run a few dozen races but ‘Home Run’ has this particular charm that makes my feet itch just the mere mention of free slots joining it again. And here’s my top five reasons on why we should join this event:

  1. Its for a good cause – of course running is good, but running for a reason is way cooler. That’s what makes running a win-win undertaking: you pay the race kit, you run, get high, loose some pounds, get awesome instagrammable shots and all of that for a good cause. You’re a hero. Primary Homes’ Home Run 2015 is no different since the proceeds of the event will go to  providing technical training scholarships through PSEFI-SKILLS.
  2. Recovery Run – the first 2 weeks of the month of May is surprisingly jam-packed with yummy lag-lag baga ultramarathons like the literal sky-high Mt. Apo Vertical race, the insanity level 260k ADU Masteral course, the 107k Leyte-Samar Ultra, Danasan 60k Ultra and my suffering of choice the 50/50 SRC Ultra next week in Samar (based on my schedule and fitness level I think it means: 50% chance of DNS, 50%  for DNF haha I’m so dead). I believe anyone who will eventually survive the races above deserves a treat.. and a recovery run. Home Run 2015 is a perfect choice.
  3. Easy Route – Home Run  2015 has three categories to choose: 3k, 5k, and 12k. I joined the 12k last year and the route was a very manageable PR-friendly flat course. I think this year’s route is pretty much the same. One thing that is unique is that the route is in Cebu City but it pass through unfamiliar neighborhoods and streets. The route will go through the properties of Primary Homes so if your planning to buy or look for a house then you might as well do it while running. Epic!
  4. Fun Event – This took me off guard last year, I did not expect to see anything after crossing the finish line than a little snacks. But what I saw was a Fiesta environment and lots of fun noises everywhere. There were plenty of foods and, thanks God, free brewed coffees! There were also laro ng lahi games with nice prices (which I shamelessly joined murag bata). And free zumba and lots of, well, imals.
  5. It’s cheaper – Let’s be honest every runner’s #2 condition in joining any races is the registration fee (#1 is the singlet design right?). For the Home Run 2015 the registration fees are practically a flashback price circa 2009-2011. For 3k is P250, 6k is P300 and 12K is P350 and that already includes your singlets, snacks, game tickets and zumba session. That’s bargain nowadays. And let’s not forget the net proceeds goes directly to  reason #1. Quick Fact: Primary Homes was one of the volunteer companies in Cebu Marathon (CCM) it’s a sport culture to them and they know their game.

The Primary Home’s Home Run 2015 will be this coming May 17th 2015 at the Sumilon Road, Cebu Business Park, Ayala Cebu. Make sure to be there by 4 AM.

Again,  Homerun 2015 “Run To Build Their Future” is for the benefit of the PSEFI, School of Knowledge for Industrial Labor, Leadership and Service (SKILLS).

Register now and be part in providing technical training scholarships.

Download Registration Form here: http://primaryhomes.com/…/Homerun-2015-Official-Entry-Form3…

Download General Guidelines here: http://primaryhomes.com/…/…/2015/04/GENERAL-GUIDELINES-1.pdf


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