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AWUM 2015 Prediction: Will There Be a REPEAT CHAMPION?!?

Event: AWUM 2015
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Before any thing else, we’ll be at the 3.5KM station. Please drop by as we’ll be serving Melon Juice with Soybitz Natural Honey! (To order honey, contact 0922 373 1710.)

All-Women Ultra Marathon (AWUM), organized yearly by ThinkThank, can be such a girly event, but believe me when I say that this is probably the race where you can see the top women race FIERCELY to the podium.

Looking at the names of this year’s roster of participants can already give you an adrenaline rush. There are a lot of familiar strong runners that it’s pretty hard to make a prediction of the top 10. But I don’t want to break this annual tradition of fearless forecast of mine so here it is.

COMEBACKING CHAMPIONS: There are 2 AWUM champions racing this 2015:

Mereeis Ramirez (Dumaguete City/Spectrum Runners), Reigning Champion 2014

Definitely, Mereeis will be in the 2015 race. But the question is: is she going to race and defend her title or will she just be there to pass on her crown to the new champion? My gut feeling says that this is not Mereeis’ year in AWUM. Having just come back from injury, I think Mereeis will play it smart than fast. (Check our archived story of Mereeis here >>)

Photo by John Domingo / FotoSmile

Photo by John Domingo / FotoSmile

Jade Abellana (IGAT Runners), 2013 AWUM champion

She will definitely win the Pakigol Awardee, if ever there is one this year. But can she make the first history in AWUM by getting a repeat championship? This girl has been silent for some time, and it can mean that she’s saving for a big roar this AWUM 2015.

Photo by John Domingo

SUB5-HOUR HALL OF FAMER. There were only 3 women who got a sub-5 hour in AWUM, can one of those be 2015 champion?

Sandra Soliano (Spectrum Runners), 2014 1st Runner Up

Year 2014 was really a good year for Sandra, from getting a sub-4 hour in CCM to a sub-5 hour in AWUM, which is a very rare feat because it was only achieved in the 3rd edition. If we’re going to base her performance in the recent CCM 2015 where she placed 1st in the Filipino category, it’s a bright future for Sandra this AWUM 2015. (Our previous story of Sandra here >>)

Photo by Roy Delez Photography

Photo by Roy Delez Photography

CONSISTENT CHAMPIONS in other races: The many ladies who are consistently champions in other races, and consistently top placers of previous AWUM editions, can 2015 be their year?

Preciousa Sanchez (North Road Runners Club (NRRC)), 2013 1st Runner-up / 2014 2nd Runner-up

My gut feeling says that 2015 can be Precy’s year in AWUM. Aside that she’s consistently getting championships in the local ultramarathon scene last year, she has a lot of years competing with all these top ladies that she probably has a deep profile of each of them giving her the knowledge on how to attack each of them.

Rhoda Caballero-Oporto (INDIE / ARC Runner / Psycho Inday Runners), 2013 5th Runner-up

I guess a lot of us are waiting for her to champion this race, but sad to say that we might still be disappointed this year. Rhoda can be my bet in other races, but somehow, there’s just no “feels,” from me, for her in AWUM. But then of course, we cannot underestimate this woman’s grit.

L-R: Rhoda, Preciousa Photo by Lorebelle Joy Parcon-Busa

L-R: Rhoda, Preciousa
Photo by Lorebelle Joy Parcon-Busa

Virginia Parajenog (TAD Runners), 2012 1st Runner-up, 2014 5th Runner-up

This is hard to pinpoint. Rarely can we see this lady races now that it gives the impression that she probably retires from competitive racing, but then she got the 2nd placer in the CCM 2015 local category so it’s hard to dismiss her from the list. (Our previous story here >>)

Photo by Reynan Opada

Photo by Reynan Opada

INCEPTION: Bet within a bet. Who among these 2 will arrive first at the finish line.

Mary Luz Shimizu (IGAT Runners), 2013 3rd Runner-up, 2014 8th Runner-up
Wilma Theresa Lugay (Cebu City Oval Runners), 2014 7th Runner-up

Their future is bright to be in the top 10. But I wonder who between these 2 will arrive first.

Photo by JD Dorado

Photo by Jay Arias


Anita Balaga (Spectrum Runners)

Will this be her year to be part of the TOP Ladies?

Photo from Annie Penaroya

Photo from Annie Penaroya


Tessie Escasinas (Team ALIEN Runners), 2012 2nd Runner-up

I guess after 2012, this is Tessie’s comeback in AWUM. Being a coached athlete of John Philip Duenas and having a supportive loving equally fast runner husband, she’s definitely to watch out.

Photo by Reynan Opada

Photo by Reynan Opada

VISITING CHAMPIONS: Though, the reigning champion is very familiar in Cebu, but still she (Mereeis) is from outside of Cebu, Dumaguete City. So this 2015, will we have an AWUM champion from another city, outside of Cebu, again?

LEYTE INVASION. They shall return.

Melchomelda Kitane (TOES), 2013 8th Runner-up

Having thru Yolanda, can we expect a stronger runner from the Western Visayas this time?

Photo form Lester Tabada


Weng Garcia (Team Davao Runner (TDR))

This girl can usually be found being a consistent top racer in the trail running scene, can she do it in the road race?

Photo from MAPAWA Nature Park

Photo from MAPAWA Nature Park

Leovi Jean Riola (Team Kapwa Davao)

“Basta Kapwa Hayahay.” This girl may look harmless but her ultramarathon debut was in a 100-mile race (ADU Leg 2), in which she landed as the 2nd runner-up. She’s also a recipient of Davao City Athletes Award.

NORMIN. They consistently are the holder of the 2nd Runner-up place in the previous 2 years: Janice Vamenta & Jennefer Sabala. Now who can maintain the status?

Grace Dapanas

Not a first-timer in AWUM, and not a first timer champion of races, and she has the Musuan Peak for a training ground.

Photo from Tenderfoot O. Enthusiastic Striders

Photo from Tenderfoot O. Enthusiastic Striders

For the rest of the ladies, we can all aim for the Most Stunning Runner.
But yes, I also have a bet for it already:

Nikka Khu.

The peg to beat.

Photo by Reynan Opada

Photo by Reynan Opada

To all the mommies, the career women / business women, the single women, the young ones and the square-peg-in-a-round-hole women, GOODLUCK!

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    Top 3 prediCtion Jade, sandra and virgie

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    Thankss mam Rose Buenconsejo.


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