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Pamutan Five Trail Ultra Challenge 2015: The Good, The Bad, But Never The Ugly

We asked Romeo “Meyux” Cordova, the founder of Cebu Trail Runners (CTR), on which among the 5 loops that compromised the Pamutan Five Trail Ultra Challenge 2015 (more details >>) is the most beautiful. He said that all the loops are beautiful – each has its own charm. So, instead, he shared to us a […]

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Photo by Ulachika SnapShots

The Magic 14 Moments from AWUM 2015

AWUM 2015 results reposted here >>. Related story: AWUM 2015 Prediction: Will There Be a REPEAT CHAMPION?!? I have been stalking the photos from the different photographers of AWUM. Watching the photos is like experiencing the different spectrum of emotions: from feeling LOL, to #thatawkwardmoment, to heart-melting, WHAT-IT-HAPPENED?!?, to tear-jerker. I guess that’s what makes […]

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