San Fernando Enduro Challenge 2015: 5 Reasons Why It’s a Must NOT to Miss!

Event: San Fernando Enduro Challenge 2015, Feb. 22, 2015, more details >>
Plaza Rizal, San Fernando, Cebu
Pre-race track reading schedules, check here >>
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San Fernando Enduro Challenge 2015 is part of the Enduro Pilipinas Series. Joining this can earn you points for national ranking. SF Enduro Challenge 2015 will have a photo contest for the benefit of Let it Echo foundation (for children with congenital heart defect).

Before we give you the 5 reasons why you must NOT miss this upcoming San Fernando Enduro Challenge, Feb. 22, 2015:

SO WHAT IS ENDURO?!? Aaron Papas and Fed Canoy explained it to us at the press conference of the event at CEBU Mountain BIKE Adventure shop, owned by fellow mountainbiker Gene Faelnar, located in Guadalupe, Cebu (contact # (032) 238 6813).

“It’s a cross between cross-country and downhill,” as explained by Aaron Papas, Head Organizer, in the following video.

And, here’s another short video clip of Feb Canoy, Head Organizer, also explaining enduro biking.

So why you should not miss this event happening on Feb. 22, 2015:

1. Perfect event to get deflowered. It’s a LITE event, which means that the total distance of the event is, more or less, 20KM. Thus, it’s suitable for the first-timers to get started with this kind of mountainbiking style. For the veterans, this is the perfect time also to introduce your friends and accompany them in their first time, and…

2. Exciting cash prizes. Whoever will give you P3000 for just biking 20KM distance (if you win), and a finisher’s medal? Only SF Enduro Challenge 2015. (More details of cash prizes here >>)


3. The beautiful trails of San Fernando. Of course, it’s up for you to find out. But definitely, the San Fernando Trail Riders prepare the best of their trails for you. Here are few photos for you to drool on.



4. The wonderful biking community of San Fernando, Cebu. This is not the first mountain biking event organized by the SF Trail Riders. Being able to do another mountainbiking race can mean that San Fernando has a strong biking community, and it means that it’s going to be a well-supported event. And, it shows when SF Trails Riders were in full-force at the press conference.

L-R: Marion Bolocboloc, Myrone Castanares, Aaron Papas, Rudger Quiaot, Feb Canoy,Neil Langamin

5. Experience being chicked?! This is your chance to know how it feels to be chicked because SF Enduro Challenge 2015 has Female Category, and one of the rumored participants is no less other than the San Fernando XC Challenge 2014 champion, Chyrel Gomez of ridealltheway.com.


So don’t be chicken there, join now! For registration details, check here >>.

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