Kawasan Falls Marathon (KFM) 2015: Battle of Tuba Station?

Event: Kawasan Falls Marathon 2015 (KFM) – 12K/21K/42K, March 15, 2015, more >>
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We are happy to attend the press conference of Kawasan Falls Marathon 2015, last Jan. 27, 2015, at Run for Sight office in CDU Hospital. After Dr. Yong Larrazabal, the founder of KFM, talked about the standard details of the event, the first concern the representatives, from the different towns – Badian, Alegria, and Malabuyoc – that are part of the marathon route, thrown into the discussion table was:


The Malabuyoc representative Eric Ybas said that they should have the tuba station since they are the turning point for the 42KM. The Alegria representative Basco Fernandez put in that they should have one too because their tuba tastes better. Not to offend the Malabuyoc rep, they agreed that their tuba all taste good in a unique way from each other.

L-R' Basco Fernandez, Alegria

L-R’ Basco Fernandez, Alegria

But the Badian representative Raymund Sande may have the final say on who will own the tuba station since finish line is in their turf. And, Dr. Yong Larrazabal and the rest could not help but side on Badian since they do not want their runners to NOT finish the race because they might just get stuck in the Tuba stations of Malabuyoc and Alegria, and above all for safety and health reasons.

L-R. Eric Ybas, Malabuyoc. Raymund Sande, Badian.

L-R. Eric Ybas, Malabuyoc. Raymund Sande, Badian.

So then the Alegria and Malabuyoc just then settle to offer some of their local delicacies, and throw in some drum and bugle to cheer for the runners, which then lead to the question directed to Donna Cruz:


It’s an important question so that the representatives can advise their residents on what celebrity photos they will line on their streets. Okay, kidding. The representatives have a point.

Runners, let’s admit it, not everyone gets us, and the more when they see people running 42KM. But if other people see celebrities running on their streets, the marathon will be a more acceptable and will become a less-alien concept.

To answer the representative questions, Dr. Yong and Donna are already sending out invitations to Kim Atienza, the couple Karylle & Yael Yuzon (nothing final yet).


But just like tuba, it proves that what make the KFM racing event really a hit is about what these beautiful towns, Badian, Alegria and Malabuyoc, have — their own local stars. Thus, then the media asked each of the representatives from Badian, Alegria, and Malabuyoc:


One thing is definite, each of the towns has a lot of different, and the same thing to offer:

Canyoneering was like the tuba debate among the three towns. Alegria may have the advantage of saying that it started from them, but it cannot be denied that Kawasan can be popular part of the canyoneering experience. Though, Alegria would claim that up above the last falls of Kawasan is already Alegria. And, Malabuyoc put in that they have the most thrilling canyoneering experience since they have the highest drop or was it Badian. After much back and forth discussion, they got to settle that you can experience canyoneering covering the 3 towns since they’re all interconnected after all.

Photo from Maryflor Garcia

Mainit Spring. To offer something different, Eric of Malabuyoc said that they have a Mainit Spring, where the runners can take a relaxing massage spa after the grueling marathon (We should ask Eric for discounts!). It’s actually just nearby the turning point of KFM in Malabuyoc. If you’re tired, you might have a quick dip before coming back to the finish line.

Photo from

Skinny Dipping. If you don’t want hot, you can try skinny dipping too in Malabuyoc too. They have strip of coral pathway, which is not so popular for now but has been a favorite snorkeling area for a few. (More on this in the upcoming post.)

Mt. Lanaya Biodiversity Area. Since water adventures from canyoneering to skinny dipping are already mentioned. Alegria representative Basco said for those interested in mountain climbing and trekking, they have Mt. Lanaya, which is declared as protected biodiversity area.

In which, Malabuyoc rep also added that you can also trek from Mt. Lanaya to Malabuyoc. And, to be fair to everyone, you can trek all the 3 towns up on the mountains.

Photo from

Photo from

Falls. Yes, all the 3 towns also have their own waterfalls. But since the marathon’s named after the Kawasan Falls Marathon, they just have to give it up to Badian, the home of Kawasan. For those who just wanted to stay in the Kawasan area, it has already a lot to offer because it has the falls, the river, and the beach (at the entrance to the falls) which the runners can enjoy pre and post-race.

Raymund Sande also added that if they could get the set-up ready by race day, the runners may take the challenge of Kawasan Plunge upon reaching the finish line. The plunge is basically like a swing drop into the river.

Raymund Sande is the new executive assistance of Badian Mayor’s office, and being the host town, he assured that the LGU will be in full support to the KFM organizers. (We’ll try to get more words for him about what to look forward to in Badian.)

For now, let’s take a look of the last year’s KFM 2014 video from Soybitz Rebojo.

And, here’s a short video clip of Dr. Yong Larrazabal discussing on what are his inspirations in coming up with the Kawasan Falls Marathon.

Here are some quotes from the other press friends’ write-up of the KFM 2015:

(L-R). Glen Dale Rosal, CDN. Richiel Chaez, SunStar. Photojournalist, SUnstar.

(L-R). Glen Dale Rosal, CDN. Richiel Chaez, SunStar. Photojournalist, SUnstar.

“We have been constantly looking for ways to improve this race because we want this to be part of the runners’ bucket list that’s why this year will be more exciting because we have a lot of surprises in store,” said the organizer, Dr. Potenciano “Yong” Larrazabal III during yesterday’s race launching at the Run For Sight Foundation headquarters in the Cebu Doctors University (CDU) Hospital.via Organizers vow more exciting Kawasan Falls race this year | Cebu Daily News.

“When I joined the Niagara Falls International Marathon, I was energized passing through the falls and it inspired the creation of this event. The Berlin Marathon gives beer after the race, so we adopted the giving of tuba (coconut wine) to our participants since it’s our local product. The scenic route of this race is the same as that of the Big Sur International Marathon’s,” Larrazabal told reporters in a press conference yesterday at the Run For Sight Foundation office.

“Those tourism advances in Europe and the United States, we can also generate them in municipalities in Cebu,” he added.
via Race through scenes | Sun.Star.

SO WHERE WILL THE TUBA STATION BE REALLY PLACED? It’s up for us to find out! Cheers, and register now! (Details here >>.)

More photos from the presscon at >>

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