Krem-Top: Don’t Be Bitter. Be Better.

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February is here, the love month. Looking for a gift to your loved one? Or a loved one? Or, still looking for the secret to a successful New Year, life?

Do this. Go to a mirror, and there is your answer — YOUR SELF.

Yes, accept that you are the best gift to your loved one, to yourself, and you are the best kept secret to your success.

As Whitney Houston belted out in her song “Greatest Love of All:”

“The greatest love of all
Is easy to achieve
Learning to love yourself
It is the greatest love of all”

As Filipinos, we have natural wonderful values, thus “learning to love yourself is easy to achieve.” But oftentimes, we might have overlooked them or underrate them, so this is where Krem-Top’s Change for the Better campaign enters.

These values are:

We are a happy race. We wear smiles on our faces even in depressing situations. This is because we always look at the bright side of life. We always have a positive outlook because we always find things to be thankful for, even in the smallest things.

Matatag. Being in a country prone to natural disasters, Filipinos have adapted and learned to be strong in times of need and in hard situations life throws at us.

Masigasig. When Filipinos dream of something, we do everything possible to get it. We do it for our families and loved ones. An example would be Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who endure being away from home to give their families a good life – abundance and relief from hardships.

Mapagmalasakit. It is because of our love for the family extended to friends, neighbors and other people that make Filipinos naturally compassionate. This compassion enables us to help other people without asking for anything in return.

Magalang. We are polite people. Our language itself is also respectful because it does not have any gender bias. Examples would be the words kapatid (brother / sister) or asawa (husband / wife) or biyenan (father-in-law / mother-in-law) or anak (son / daughter) which do not manifest differences in gender. These words are uniquely Filipino definitely respectful of the sexes.

These values are not just made-up by Krem-Top. As a leading non-dairy coffee creamer in Philippines, Krem-Top also works with a leading phenomenologist, Dr. Mina Ramirez, PhD, President of Asian Social Institute, to determine the core values of Filipinos that make us stand out from the others.


We’re happy to be invited to the Krem-Top Round Table discussion in Cebu, and witnessed live in person Dr. Mina Ramirez talked about the greatness of being Filipino over some cup of hot coffee made more tasteful with Krem-Top coffee creamer at one of the restaurants in Ayala, Cebu.



On top of that, a lot of celebrities are joining Krem-Top in promoting the Change for the Better campaign.

Again, it’s February, the love month. The least thing you want to give to your loved one or to your self is a lesser version of you. So…

DON’T BE BITTER. BE BETTER. Heed to the friendly reminder from Alaska Krem-Top “Change For The Better.”

It’s not going to be easy but you have Alaska Krem-Top with you. When every thing gets tough, pour yourself the best of cup of coffee with Krem-Top creamer. No more bitterness!

To the runners, coffee and Krem-Top is a perfect jumpstarter for an awesome workout!

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