Stride & Stroke Opening

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Stride and Stroke, a new sporting specialty shop in Ayala, Cebu at the 3rd level in Active Zone area (it’s right across Spaghetti Factory) had their opening.

Judging on their items, they’re more geared towards the water sports so the swimmers and scuba divers will have a delight in this place. But the runners, bikers, mountaineers, and other endurance sports need not feel left out because the store has always something for you.

And, most of all, they have a very experienced mountaineer, runner and all-around outdoor junkie Maria Mahinay. I mean it’s always nice to be assisted by someone who really does those activities so you know that she knows what she’s selling.


…just had a quick look around because the place was packed at that time because definitely a lot are looking forward to it. So these are some sporting / outdoor items that I’m interested:

Camelbak Hydration Vests. Though Camelbak was, I think, originally for mountainbikers but they now have models for running. We had once the “marathoner,” which was a worth-it hydration vest and quite flexible that it can be both used for short or longer runs/treks.

(blue for Jodel)

(red for Nap)

This water-resistant “ziplock” looking thingy. This item is a must for me because I like to pour water on myself during races. It has always been a hit and miss when it comes to water resistant packs for me because some won’t work or some are too bulk, though the grocery ziplock do just fine. But hey, we can always have yet another running accessory…

Then pair it with this very stretchy belt pack / bag, which probably can accommodate even your tab,

and another set of drybags because an outdoor person just cannot have enough of them.

I also want to have those Camelbak water bottles, not for me, but for the kids.

Underwater earphones / headphones would be nice to have but I don’t swim.

Maybe these cute two-piece, I really don’t need to be a swimmer to wear them. =)

These cute colorful helmets for kids are also… well cute. =) I mean any mom will love to have this. =)

And, following are more photos of underwater gears / items displayed at Stride & Stroke shop / store in Ayala, Cebu. I will just post the photos without any description because I don’t really know their names but they seem to be pretty interesting.

DSC05051 DSC05050 DSC05049

Upcoming giveaway promo: Krem-Top Non-Dairy Creamer, Don’t be bitter. Be better! GC & krem top for grabs!


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