Cebu City Marathon (CCM) 2015: What I Think About When I Don’t Train For Running?

The title of this is inspired by Haruki Murakami’s book “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running.” My title’s quite far off, but just like running a marathon, it does not have to make sense.

Note: I’m not proud that I don’t train for races, especially for Cebu City Marathon which is my thanksgiving and offering and my own way of celebrating Sinulog. Therefore, it deserves to be given extra effort.  Anyhow, this is how I survived.

1. THINK POSITIVE. I may not have proper training, but I had a proper tapering and carbo-loading. Well, I got to accept the world can be unfair. I cannot have it all.

2. GAME PLAN. Since, I had no training, all I could do is think about game plan the whole throughout the race.

I realised one of the good things from having training is I can come up with a game plan on race day. It’s not really about making me stronger. The trainings can give me idea of my strengths and weaknesses: my speed, endurance, heat tolerance, and basically how my body can handle the pain. Having this data, I’d have the gut feeling of what speed to maintain, when to give my all, and when to just conserve energy. I’d have an idea of how to work-around my weaknesses.

3. SECURITY BUBBLE. You always have that one gear that running feels incomplete without it. And, no, it’s not Mark the husband. For me, it’s my tattered backpack. I knew it’s pretty overkill to be bringing it in a road race where there’s aid station every 2.5KM but I was feeling insecure, I badly need it to be with me.

Plus, it provided ample space for FOODS. Food is always a security bubble. =) I might be in pain, but at least I won’t be hungry.
(The bulge in front is part of the hydration pack.)

4. MISERY LOVES COMPANY. With no game plan to accompany me, no pace interval to follow, I looked around to find familiar faces and familiar paces at the starting line, whom I could try match with:

So the first familiar face I saw was my “classmate,” Jodl. Then, he told me that he’s aiming for sub-4. So X-ed!
There was Doc King, with her long-legs, X-ed!

I was trying to look for Armie but she was not around. We paced last AWUM (All-women Ultramarathon), though she’s a 3-2 interval-er (3min run, 2min walk) , and I’m 2-1, we probably could pull it off. But, X because I could not find her.

Then gunstart, 500 meters into the race, I chanced upon the TTB group led by Doc Mitty who was doing the 4-1. So 1st company to my misery, tag along with TTB as long as I can handle. They were quite out-my-leg but I just had to hold on to them as far as I could as I really needed a good head-start. Plus, first part of CCM route is basically downhill so I thought that it’s owkei to speed it up. I was happy to be able to follow them until Sto. Nino Church. It gave me a decent 15KM time of, probably, around 2 hours. =) If I had to follow just my pace, 15KM would be 2:30 hours. Thank you, TTB!

5. MISERY WOULD EVEN LOVE ELECTRICAL / LAMP POSTS. After I could no longer keep up with the TTB, I found myself again alone in my misery amidst the crowd of runners and festive aid stations.

I was groping again of what should be my new pace. I could not find any familiar faces with familiar paces. I chanced upon the recent 103KM finishers of Neg. Or. Ultra from DC runners, Isan and her other mates — Naaahhh, they’re too strong for me.

I wanted to do my 2-1 time interval but I did not like looking at my timer / watch because I’d get depressed looking at my slow pace. After much looking around, I saw familiar most reliable electrical posts. Therefore the rest of my CCM 2015 was as boring as counting lamp posts – 5-post run, 1-post walk. I will spare you from the boring details of how some lamp posts may have not exact distance from each other, and one area may have 3 different posts (left, right, and center) but not even one of them was lighted — that it can be confusing which to count on.

6. YOU CAN TAKE AWAY MY MEDAL, BUT NOT MY RANDOM PHOTOS. In between counting lamp posts, I took photos of lamp posts.

I always love taking random snapshots during races. It’s probably one of the things no one can take it away from me even the threat of not reaching cut-off time. Some of the rest of the random photos at the bottom.

6. SUB-SUBWAY. Subway is more significant to me than the finish line of CCM. If I’d just reach subway before it’d get closed, it’s already my achievement because it means I’d pass the Sto. Nino Church, and say my silent “thank you” for the year that ended, and ask for guidance for the new year.

Before, during, and after the race, this is the thought that has been on my mind.

AWUM 2015 here I come! =) Next to CCM, AWUM is my a must-yearly race to join which is sort of “panata” because girl power! =)

More of my random shots, refer to #6 above. My photos can be as random from lamp posts to:

KM markers / turn-around markers,

KM Markers with myself (A marshal from CocoRunning Team approached me, and got my camera. He asked me for my camera because he knew that I always had a photo with a KM marker especially turn-around markers.),

adult groupies
kid groupies

of runners, like duh!

My favorite running buddies – Mickie and Kieran. If I’d review all my photos in races, they definitely have Mickie in all of them (if she’s also in that race). =) So hopefully, this is not my last CCM photo of her. =)

Visiting runners. It’s nice to see runners who flew from other places to be in Cebu. They are my “classmates” in Mapawa Trail Run – Opol Runners. Mapawa Trail Run will be Oct. 25, 2015.

The queen of Talisay City Marathon – Cholin. =) TCM will be Aug. 16 this year! Watch out for it!

Run for a cause? I guess Meyux is running for psoriasis awareness. Yes, this guy run trail ultramarathons despite his psoriasis.

Celebrity! The PRINCE of Prince Multisports Inc., the man behind awesome ultramarathons and Cavinti Trail Marathon. Check Prince Multi Sports Events,Inc. page for their race schedules here >>.

Running couple. One of my favorite running couple having their first marathon together! Congrats, Wuttke couple!

Michael Jackson and his bodyguards =)

My Korean runner friend in his 1st marathon!

Bien of ProActive Events.

Noel Tillor with Team Alrightz chasing me?!?

Are those my balloons?

I cannot miss the aid station volunteers. Thank you to all, and please come back!

PARKLANE. Their Hunat Sugbu: RUNUEL will be June 21, 2015. My yet another must-run Cebu race. =)





Brgy. Lahug

Hey, girl, what were you doing there? I was pretty surprise to see Tina! @.@

And, Thank you, dear Sirs like you! =)

More running friends at the finish line:

With Team TK’s Rod

Ow that couple of sweet proposal from TDR80 2014, Zamboanga Runners Club

With TDR80 Female Record Holder, Cathy Kuan! Watch out for TDR80 2015, March 14, 2015, detail here >>.

My classmates… at the tail end. Each has his/her battle story to tell. =)

Selfie! =) Congrats on this guy’s 5th place at the recent Milo National Marathon Finals!


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