A Racing Event Anatomy: Cornerstone Group’s 1st Cebu City Triathlon Press Conference

Event: Cebu City Triathlon 2015, more details >>
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Registration available at their simulation swim Saturday, 1-5PM, Jan. 10, 2015.


This is quite a very late post. But, it’s better late than never.

Thank you, Cornerstone group, for inviting me to the press conference of your first triathlon event for 2015, Cebu City Triathlon 2015 (details here >>).

This was the last racing event press conference we were invited to last year. And, I would like to thank Cornerstone Group for the invitation to the press conference of their very first event in 2015. Coincidentally, the first press conference I attended last year was also to an event of Cornerstone.

Photo by Iste Leopoldo

To be honest, my mind was not so present during the press conference. I was the whole time amazed and feeling nostalgic of how 2014 time flew so fast. It was the nth press conference I attended in 2014 so most of the people around me were already familiar. Behind the big number of participants in races, there are these few people who have been working hard to make the event successful, along with promoting the sports and tourism of Cebu to both local and international community.

Let’s do something new and something old for this first month of 2015.

Something Old

These are the sports journalists from the local daily newspapers, and also online sporting websites. These are the people who tirelessly cover left and right events, and feature stories.



Something New

I’m very happy to know a new sporting magazine is born in Cebu, TriLife Magazine, because there are just really few media outfits who cover sporting stories. These are the girls behind it.

Something Old

The Cebu City Sports Commission was present with the Chairman Edward Hayco, and Sinulog Foundation Executive Chairman Ricky Ballesteros.


Quinito Moras and Steve Maniquis, two of the founding members of Cornerstone Group, were also there. And, I have to say respect to these guys that after a series of triathlon events in 2014, they were / are still standing strong.

Something New

Nino Abarquez of Three of Me sporting apparel is their Technical Director of 1st Cebu City Triathlon. It was my first time to notice Nino to be part of a Cornerstone Group, and I think it’s a nice addition.

Aside from his sporting apparel line, Nino is a popular triathlete as well as being champion multisport endurance event like Habagat Carrera.

It’s 2015 now. We’ve been here for quite some time, witnessing the running, triathlon, endurance sports scene of Cebu City. From our experience, the Cebu’s racing events industry can be very brutal, and so we are happy to witness that Cornerstone Group braves it. In this line, we are inviting you to support their very first triathlon event for 2015 — Cebu City Triathlon.

With Cebu City Sports Commission and Cornerstone Group, and the support of journalists, you are definitely in good hands.


To register, details here >>.
Or you can join their simulation swim tomorrow, Jan. 10, 2015.

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