[FREE] Athletes Talk 10: Know They Mountains with a Visayan Trekker

Event: Runnilla Eco Challenge Feb. 22, 2015, register here >>

Athletes Talk was absent for 2 months, and we’re back! =) The firsts Athletes Talk were made for the Runnilla Eco Challenge 2014: Athletes Talk 2: Trail Running 101, Athletes Talk 3: More About Trail Running, Athletes Talk 4: Run-union of Champs.

They were done not necessarily to educate us about trail running but also to get to know other people who love the outdoors, and maybe something good will come out of it that will benefit the nature. =)

So, after 2 months of hiatus, we’re happy to be back with the outdoors! =)

For the Athletes Talk 10: Know They Mountains with a Visayan Trekker, we invited a mountaineer who has been conducting countless BMC (Basic Mountaineering Course) to give us a crash course of BMC. I believe that one way to be better a “trail running” is to just be there, and get to know the mountains, which I guess a lot of us have been doing already. For those who wish to get started with trail running or just want to feel the vibes of the outdoor, this will be perfect for you. For those who have been mountaineering and trail running for awhile, this will also be perfect to double check your “mountain habits” and also share any additional knowledge with everyone.

What: Athletes Talk 10: Know They Mountains with a Visayan Trekker
Who: Barry Paracuelles
When: Nov. 28, 2014. 7:30PM
Where: NSMD Lobby, UP Cebu

Our guest speaker started mountaineering back in 1996 with his childhood buddies. They only had simple aim and objective: to discover and experience the feeling of being on top of the “summit” of the mountain. And, though Halloween is already over but he might also share his most memorable climbing experience: The HORROR story of Bulak-Bitoon Dumanjug-Ronda cross country.

The speaker is one of the core members of the Visayan Trekkers, which was founded in January, 2012. You can check their group here >>.

See you there! We’ll have a few surprises to share with you! =)

We would like to give special thank you to the following supporters:

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Photo credits used in poster: Barry Paracuelles
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