5 Things Unique in Marigondon to Watch Out for in Elora Supermarket 1st Anniversary Run

Event: Elora Supermarket 1st Anniversary Run 12K/6K/3K/1.5K, register here online >>
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Or, for other registration options, list below.

Here are just a few things you can look forward to in the upcoming Elora Supermarket 1st Anniversary Run aside from the zumba, fun run, tribal band, bubble machine, fairies, on top of contributing to Marigondon Elementary School’s PTA project:

1. Mactan Island Memorial Garden.
One of the best running grounds in Lapu-lapu is right in Marigondon, Lapu-lapu. You want to meet running and physical fitness enthusiast people, simply go to MIMG early in the morning or afternoon.

And, it is just a few meters away from the Elora Supermarket. You can sweat out in MIMG for free. Then, you can chill or pick-up some groceries after at Elora Supermarket, or chill soon at their upcoming cafe. =)


2. Beautiful sea and beach views.
Before island hopping, Lapu-lapu has always been the quick beach get-away of Cebuanos. And, don’t you know that one of our old favorite Vano Beach, and a world-class beach resort is in Marigondon? And, this beautiful view can only be found in Marigondon Beach Road.

Let’s revisit it this Elora Supermarket 1st Anniversary Fun Run – Nov. 16, 2014! And, SELFIE!!! =)


3. Trees and flowers.
Lapu-lapu being becoming an industrialized city, it’s a pleasure to see few strips of areas lined-up with the trees. In the Elora Supermarket 1st Anniversary Run, you will pass in one of them!DSC04649

4. Fresh Taho.
The freshest taho we’d tasted was from this Manong peddling early in the morning along the route. If we’ll be lucky, we can chance upon him on the race route this Nov. 16, 2014! =) Don’t be shy to ask him for extra condense milk on your taho! =)

IMG_6676 IMG_6679

5. Cafe Shop to watch-out for in Lapu-lapu City beside Elora Supermarket.
We’ll be lucky to witness the rise of the hippest cafe shop that will put Marigondon, Lapu-lapu on the “cafe shop destinations to-go-to” in Cebu, Philippines! What’s the name? You will know on race day! =)

And most importantly, it’s located beside Elora Supermarket. You can chill after your grocery, or you want to have some cool-down after your beach get-away or you just want to snuck out in a corner.


Let’s not miss this 5 things, and definitely more of what the Elora Supermarket 1st Anniversary Run in Marigondon can offer aside from the cool singlet, finisher’s medal, and cash prizes! =)


Register now at the following:

For Lapu-lapu City registrants,
* ELORA SUPERMARKET, across Marigondon Elementary School, Marigondon, Lapu-lapu City
* The Planet Sports, The Outlet, Pueblo Verde, Tamiya/Basak, Lapu-lapu City
* Lapu-lapu City Hall
* Dan Enrico Hardware, Babag, Lapulapu City
* Dan Enrico Hardware, Sudtungan, Lapulapu City
For Cordova registrants,
* Dan Enrico Hardware, Cordova
For Cebu City registrants,
* The Athletes Foot, Ground Floor, Ayala Center, Cebu
* The Planet Sports, Active Zone, Ayala Center, Cebu
* Dan Enrico Hardware – Bacayan, Cebu City
* Dan Enrico Hardware – SRP Mambaling, Cebu City
* Online registration:

We have additional registration centers (open at 12PM):
* PTT Gas Station across Grand Mall in Basak, Lapu-lapu
* NSRDCC Canteen, across SACS / entrance to Nuestra Senora de Regla Parish National Shrine
* Terminal area of The Pueble Verde (near MEPZ 2 gate), Tamiya / Basak, Lapu-lapu

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