[Mt. Banahaw 360 100km Ultramarathon Leg 3 Featured Runner] From Malaysia to Around the World On Foot

Event: Mt.Banahaw360 100km Ultramarathon Leg3, Nov. 8, 2014


Lai Fong Sang. This Malaysian runner has been racing for 8 years, and has been mixing traveling and running / racing. Lately, he can be spotted in local Philippine races that he probably run more local races here than a Filipino — from road races, to mountain races, and ultramarathon. Coming from the recent Sierra Madre Ultramarathon 2014, he will challenge again another mountain this weekend – Mt. Banahaw 360 100km Ultramarathon Leg 3 organized by Prince Multi Sports Inc.

Let’s get to know more about this versatile Malaysian runner in the following Q&A.

Running Group: Pacemakers Malaysia
Profession: Accountant


Runroo: How many years you are now into running?

I’ve been running for 8 years. I started with a local 10km race in Malaysia in March 2006.


Runroo: What are the top 5 things you love about running?

Remain healthy, self-satisfaction, self-confidence, having opportunity to view beautiful mountain sceneries (For trail running) and visiting foreign countries by own foot (for road races).

Runroo: You’re probably one of those runners who mixed running/racing and traveling. For you, which came first: love for traveling or love for running?

Love for running came first, no trip to foreign country will be perfect without running the marathon/ultra-marathon in the respective country visited

Runroo: What’s your first official race outside Malaysia?

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2006

Runroo: When and what was the first race you joined in Philippines?

Condura Skyway Marathon 2013

Runroo: Share with us you funny / blooper moments of racing outside your country Malaysia?

When running in foreign country, and the local runners and residents speaking their own language to me which I totally don’t understand. I have many experience running in Philippines whereby everyone speak Tagalog to me.

Runroo: What are the lessons you learned from running and traveling that you somehow apply in real life?

Ultra marathon running is similar to real life, it is such a long way to cross the finishing line, you will encounter/experience variety of suffers such as fatigue and exhaustion during the race. You need to overcome all the adverse conditions in order to complete the race. Same principle apply to real life, we may encounter failure, we strive for the best in order to be successful. It is the persistency and consistency to keep us successful in life.

Runroo: If you’re to invite people to race in Malaysia, which local races you can recommend?

Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon, Penang Bridge International Marathon

Runroo: What are your top 5 favorite races?

Tokyo Marathon, TNF100 Philippines, Seoul Marathon, Vibram Hongkong 100, Corregidor Marathon

Runroo: How do you handle cultural differences when racing abroad?

There is not much cultural differences as far as running is concerned.

Runroo: What’s the biggest cost when you go abroad for races?


Runroo: Any saving tips when racing abroad?

When I’m interested to participate certain races in overseas, I will monitor closely the airlines promotion. Once cheap airfare is available, I will immediately book it without hesitation. Going with few more friends for sharing of traveling and accommodation cost is another good option for cost-saving.

Runroo: How do you prepare itinerary for your travel and races?

I normally don’t prepare itinerary, however I will ensure that I have adequate time to reach airport after completing ultra-races.

Runroo: What do you like most when racing here in Philippines?

The beautiful scenery and warm hospitality offered by local folks.


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