Elora Supermarket 1st Anniversary Run Celebrated with Marigondon Elementary School’s UN Celebration

Event: Elora 1st Anniversary Run Nov. 16, 2014, details here >>
Online registration (credit card / bank), click here >>
Registration centers: ELORA SUPERMARKET, Dan Enrico Hardware branches, The Planet Sports (Pueblo Verde, The Athletes Foot, Ground Floor, Ayala Center, Cebu


In lieu of a running clinic which was scheduled for this week for the kids of Marigondon Elementary School, the teachers instead invited the Elora Supermarket to attend their 2-day UN Celebration. And, it was a blast seeing the students in different nationality costumes!


The students included in the top 10 best in costume received a FREE entry to the Elora Supermarket 1st Anniversary Run!



Thank you very much to the support of parents and teachers of Marigondon Elementary School. Next Sunday (Nov. 16, 2014), come and join us celebrate Elora Supermarket’s 1st anniversary with a fun run for the benefit of the said school!



More photos uploaded at facebook.com/runroo.

For Lapu-lapu City registrants,
* ELORA SUPERMARKET, across Marigondon Elementary School, Marigondon, Lapu-lapu City
* The Planet Sports, The Outlet, Pueblo Verde, Tamiya/Basak, Lapu-lapu City
* Dan Enrico Hardware, Babag, Lapulapu City
* Dan Enrico Hardware, Sudtungan, Lapulapu City
For Cordova registrants,
* Dan Enrico Hardware, Cordova
For Cebu City registrants,
* The Athletes Foot, Ground Floor, Ayala Center, Cebu
* The Planet Sports, Active Zone, Ayala Center, Cebu
* Dan Enrico Hardware – Bacayan, Cebu City
* Dan Enrico Hardware – SRP Mambaling, Cebu City

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