InstagraMILO: The 10 Obligatory Photos, Milo Marathon Cebu Elimination Leg 2014

Special shoutout to the podium winners of the 21K category (not official)!
Noel Tillor – champion
Leyte runner – 1st runner-up
Robert Daang – 22nd runner-up, our archived story of him here >>.

Roselyn Bongcalos – champion
Cristy Tutor – 1st runner-up
Sandra Soliano – 2nd runner-up, read our archived story of her here >>.
I haven’t joined the festivity of the Milo Marathon Cebu Eliminations Leg this year. So let’s have a fill from the photos on instagram.

We’d like to thank Richel for bringing aktib to the race. Share your race story with us here >>.

If you have any photos with your aktib visor at the Milo race, please share it with us!

Now let’s what we find interesting on instagram for #milomarathon hashtag:

Bromance? The obligatory group photo.

The obligatory turning-point pose.

The obligatory medal shot.

The obligatory certificate shot.

The obligatory basketball shorts for running.

The obligatory finish line arc shot

The obligatory barkada mischief

The obligatory selfie

The obligatory shoe-fie

Congratulations, Cebu Leg-ers of Milo Marathon eliminations!!!

*Featured photo from shanecapzzzz IG.

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