Cebu FATASS Trail Run: Moves to Do

Event: Cebu FAT ASS Trail Run (Info and register here >>)
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This is probably late to post this but just to give others an overview, or maybe this is more suited to me to prepare myself.

I visited bits and parts of the route on separate occasions, so I have a general idea of how it’s going to be BUT NOT about the whole route. So here are some things about the trail I can share:

1. Be a mountaineer. =)

Parts of the trail are popular to mountaineers so be a mountaineer. A mountaineer does not sprint. They trek. They take time to be one with nature. And, most of all, it’s LNT (Leave not trace.)!


Sun Protection from Artistitch / Etch ID

2. Look around when scared!

There’s something more romantic seeing the Cebu City from the middle of the bushes, than from sitting in a concrete building.


3. Don’t miss the “sunkissed” photo.

As they say the best lightning for photography is the natural light, and it’s definitely abundant out in the trails.


4. So make sure to bring a camera, and make sure you know the difference between video and camera settings.

Or, else you’ll end up with awkward videos.

On a serious note, especially for first timers or who have a trail-running/trekking skill level like mine, here are some things to watch out:

5. The (almost non-existent) single track on the side of the mountains and the hills.

I have no tip on how to navigate this. But think of happy thoughts, and that trekking pole does wonders! =)



6. Be thankful of steep uphills…

On first ascent, give your time to adjust to the uphills. On the first few steps, breathing and other system will be having a hard time because they seem to be adjusting and making calibrations. So let’s slow down. It will get easier along the way. =)


7. because steep downhills can be trickier to navigate… in my case.

8. FOOD and WATER, and sweets!

There are (very few) carenderias in between but sometimes they’re not open for business so be sure to stock up. Chickenjoy meals can be the easiest food to pack. So hydration pack is very important – a backpack will do. But it’s not a bad idea to invest on a good hydration vest.


Attacking steep uphills can get us a bit “heady,” a shot of “sugar rush” can do the trick of relieving it. I’m not sure if this is a good advice though, but it works on me.

9. SHOW UP, before the trails will be gone. =)


10. And, just do it! =)

You have no excuse!


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