Cebu FAT ASS Trail Run (28K & 42K): BUCKLE UP!

Event: Cebu FAT ASS Trail Run (Info and register here >>)

A back story of Cebu FAT ASS Trail Run (28K & 42K): This race has been on the shelf for a long time. It has been planned out a year or was it 2 years ago but it never materialized. Because honestly, this is not an easy race to manage. So finally, this Sept. 21, 2014, Meyux Cordova (the man behind this upcoming torture tour of Cebu City trails) has enough of waiting, and we just have to do it! =)

Last night was the race briefing of the Cebu FAT ASS Trail Run (28K & 42K). I was not expecting a lot to come, and so I picked just a conference room at The Tide Cebu (co-working space and conference rooms for rent, more info >>). And, I guess that I was right at all. =) The trail running community has always been a small one.

But I got a fuzzy feeling to see more than what I expected! =) So here are some of the faces:

First things first, the “buckles” waiting for us. Kidding, guys! Here are simple commemorative items for us from Kai Stickers! =)

I noticed that most of trail runners usually are mountaineers first, then who just happen to stumble into trail running.

Richard, Rey, and Jodel

Richard, Rey, and Jodel

Our youngest participant – the future of Cebu trail running! =)



One of our Runnilla friends. =) (Guys, please watch out our reopening of registration.)

TriBankeros represent

Rheb representing Nap and Lyra =)

Iligan represent – Maria Cecilia Picardal Manginsay. It was amazing to meet the sister of Father Amardo Picardal, who had walk/run the whole Philppines (his blog here >>).

Kai Running represent, Jacob Ong. By the way, check the new trail version of Kai Running here >>. Also, he will have soon a trail version of his Hamster Run this Oct. 19, 2014 (another exciting event, and it’s free!.)


And, the very first timer in trail running — Rhoda Oporto! =) She said she wanted to see her “scatter” this Sunday! =)

Shirts available at P230 a piece! If you want to get it, feel free to message Cebu Trail Runners page here >>.

Thank you all for coming!

More photos uploaded at runroo’s page here >>.

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