5 Cebu Ladies Who Are Way Prettier and Can Do It Faster

Event: Karunsa Danao City Sept. 14, 2014 (21K/12K6K/3K/1.5K Walkathon), More & Registration info >>

Karunsa Danao City 2014 – 21K, register online >> Karunsa Danao City 2014 – 12K, register online >> Karunsa Danao City 2014 – 6K(Local), register online >> Karunsa Danao City 2014 – 3K(Danawanon), register online >> Walkathon category is available at registration centers.

These photos were taken during the shooting of Athletes Talk 9 for the KaRUNsa running event, 21K / 12K / 6K / 3K / 1.5 walkathon.

***** Photo credits: Team Ficktures (James L. Go, Kurt Fick, Karl Terez) This week, let me show you 5 girls who can lift up the standards of BEAUTIFUL in CEBU! Sugar. If Mattel created a running version of Barbie, she is definitely that Barbie, except that they cannot put her inside a box. Because she’s that girl that you cannot just put as for display as she is always moving, literally. She moves money in day time as a banker, powered by black coffee. And, she runs very long distances on weekends when she’s not getting sun-kissed at a beach! =) She has a 100KM official race under her belt. And, she is the 1st placer of the recent Leg 2 AdU 50 Miles Category. 10647745_10152640051112829_550988465_n Armie. If she cannot be seen busy running on the roads or trails, she must be busy running the content for SunStar Online news as its Assistant Content Editor, from curating or writing stories to producing videos, which can be viewed here https://www.youtube.com/user/sunnexdesk. She also produces wonderful video interviews of athletes at Couch Talk here >>. Thus, you’ll be lucky if you can get a few minutes of her time. =) And, yes, she’s a minimalist runner, who makes her own huarache version of a running footwear. 10609248_10201684867078487_1910283052_n Juliet. This girl runs all over the world, and that she has been doing it for a lot of people as one of the main brains behind iTravel iExplore Tours & Services (more info at itravelcebu.com). Do you want to go to Batanes or adventure in Jolo or exported to anywhere in the world or simply want a best guide in Cebu, this girl can give you the best deals for your travel needs. And, of course, it does not hurt that the mighty brains has a pretty face and strong legs! 10621939_10201684867278492_231512484_n Ann. She is sweet and charming, and any thing nice. But don’t be deceived because this girl cannot be easily swayed by a fast car because she might be faster than you on attacking the mighty uphills of Transcentral Highway, her training ground. 10588920_10201684870438571_1978225848_n Carra. This belle loves green, but she hides behind the name of an orange vegetable, carrot! There’s little we know about her aside that she can be seen in all trail running events, and she is the FEMALE CHAMPION of the recent Leg 2 AdU 50 Miles Category. So maybe she likes it dirty, and long… in running! =) 10614084_10201684870238566_1470756762_n These girls were nice enough to give way to the elder genteman Doc Willie, and let him lead the way and be his Linggam Angels.

Photo by Rose Buenconsejo

Photo by Rose Buenconsejo

Now watch these girls in action in this short film by Team Ficktures (For short film inquiries or creative multimedia needs, contact 0915 561 3096). Athlete’s Talk 9 Promo Vid from KurtFicktures on Vimeo. Next: 5 Cebu Guy Runners You Should Be Running… with! =) ———————————————————————————- Posted by: rosebuen Rose Buenconsejo. A runner who runs after runners, and their stories, and her dream to become a NEDBANK. Promo Girl, runroo.com View her aktib race calendar >>

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