Athletes Talk 9: From 0 to Hero

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Athlete’s Talk 9 Promo Vid from KurtFicktures on Vimeo.

(Video by Team Ficktures: Kurt Fick, James Go, Karl Terez.)

Last Athletes Talk 8, we have the fastest and strongest marathoners, and a Filipino Elite Cobra Ironman Finisher.

The title of Athletes Talk 9 was suggested by CDN’s sports writer Dale Rosal, “From Zero to Hero.” Our speakers this time are runners who may be nobody in the podium stands on the weekend races, but nevertheless they are equally heroes in the heart of the runners and aspiring runners.

As a way to describe them, here’s quoting Doc Mity Igana on her late husband:

“…Ramie was not a fast runner, never even tried a podium finish nor a sub-5 marathon. But, he represents most of us who shared the same passion for running and saw the positive things it did to him. He tripped & got a wounded knee on his 1st 5k last July 2009 but it didn’t stop him from running longer distances. He was courageous enough to take risks. He found inner strength in the sport and realized that he was capable of so much more than he thought. Ramie made running an enjoyable part of his life.

We all have dreams…Ramie lived his dream!”

Athletes Talk 9 will be a set of runners who take running to unleash the better version of theirselves, make it an enjoyable part of their lives, and on the way, inspire people to do too!

What: Athletes Talks 9: From 0 to Hero
Who: Doc Willie Estepa and John Chade Alcano
When: Aug. 21, 2014. 7:30PM
Where: Infinitea, City Times Square, Mandaue (across Parkmall)

Doc Willie Estepa.
He has been running for 5 years, an UNGO Runner, founded TAD Runners, and heads the FMR (Friday Midnight Run), and even organizes races being one of the main people behind the successful AWUM (All-women Ultramarathoners). He is probably the most frequent runner in all fun runs to ultramarathons that an event without him may feel incomplete.

Here’s a short video clip we had of Doc Willie Estepa back in the Athletes Talk 1 where he shared about a fun run, and a bit of his running. You can start at 1:49 of the video.

John Chade Alcano.
It was a “stroke” of life that led him to running, and from then on has always carry a running shoes in his car so that he could strike a run any time wherever he is. He is not only frequent in the local weekend races, but also he organizes free group runs on weekdays. This Athletes Talk 9, we’ll know what was that “stroke” of life that led him to running, inspiring more his self and others.

Photo from 3Sky Photography

Photo from 3Sky Photography

This Athletes Talk 9 is in part of the upcoming KaRUNsa Danao City 2014 (Sept. 14, 2014), and made possible with the support of: Infinitea, Etch ID, The Athletes Foot / The Planet Sports, Mochi Audio, Kai Running Sandals,, Happy Feet, and more.

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