Athletes Talk: 8 Things I Learn & Grateful About

(Watch out for ATHLETES TALK 9: From 0 to Hero this Aug. 21, 2014 at Infinitea, City Times Square (across Parkmall). More details >>!)

I was never able to sit down, and put out my thoughts and thanks for each Athletes Talk that we have. There are just so many stories and people behind every each talk, and I really felt bad of not being able to share them all because I felt I had kept all the good things to myself. But anyway, here’s yet another “rush” random thoughts on Athletes Talk.

1. Be generous with positive confirmations. Thankful for crazy people who go along with your sometimes embarrassing idea. Though, committing (commitment) is always a 100% decision from the individual, it’s a blessing to be surrounded with people who will give you that needed push.

I want to thank the friends, Paul James Zafico, Chyrel Gomez, Ralhp Sios-e, and Adrian Walag who were generous enough in saying YES though they knew it’s going to be one embarrassing act to do. And, thankful to CocoRunning and Rose Pharmacy who was generous of sponsoring race tickets for the speakers. For once, my dream of sponsoring athletes came true. =)

And to all who came that day. You made first time much easier!

Photo from Shutterfrog

Photo from Shutterfrog

2. “It doesn’t matter how good (or not good) you think you are. The mountains always find a way to humble you… They always have something to teach you.” – Lizzy Hawker

from Brian Tan Seng's presentation

from Brian Tan Seng’s presentation

Thank you to Lyra Valles, Nap dela Torre, and Brian Tan Seng for sharing the beautiful world of mountains, trails, and endurance running.

3. Honestly, at this point, I realized I was lucky to be able to invite speakers who do not mind being placed in my made-up ugly posters. But nevertheless, they always shared valuable lessons.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 2.39.27 PM

Bonus Athletes Talk with Team Parklane. Facing the very lean macho triathletes, it’s a surprise to learn how they value the importance of a team. With a very rigid training schedule, it can get lonely sometimes, and thus the importance of being part of a healthy team.

I admit that it’s always my struggle of being able to work with a team. Thus, that talk kind of hit me.

4. The only fear to fear is fear of failing. For a lady who finished a 250KM foot race, it’s still surprising that Rhoda Oporto still has fears. At the Runnilla reunion Athletes Talk, she was one of those who shared her Runnilla experience as her first time in trail running and how she had tremendous fear of trail running.

I realized that there is always fear, and it’s okay to have it and admit it. You might accept the challenge, and fail at it, and it’s still okay.

Thank you to LGU staff, especially to the office Vice-Mayor’s office, for providing the venue. Also thanks to Tony Galon for honoring our invitation.

Photo from Salimuang Runner

Photo from Salimuang Runner

5. “Di ta angay mahadlok nila (Kenyans) kay ma improve man ta kung ato gyud silang i-challenge,” said Tillor.

“A man is a man. We may have differences but we have even chances in the running field,” Missos said. “Filipinos are great and tough runners, they are very good at ultra-marathons.”

Published at SunStar, written by Richiel Chavez

6. “Great things take time.” As National Team Triathlete Justin Chiongbian shared, during the talk Ignatian Athletes Talk, that he is committed to a 6-year program, which details he cannot divulged. It reminded me that “great things take time.”

In the “one-click-away” world we live in now, it’s easy to forget this. So before giving up, check first how many years you are now working on your goal.

Thank you to Batch 89 for organizing the event, and giving us the chance to have Dr. Yong Larrazabal and Justin Chiongbian as speakers. Thank you also to Chika-an for the venue.

7. “I run to make time for myself.” – Era Villacorta

It’s rare that I heard this reason from runners on why they run. And, it was refreshing to hear this sweet truth from a mother who has to juggle work and family. I believe that we should not feel guilty of giving our selves the time to be alone.

Thank you to Era and Enrique Mangas, and RD Bien Probadora for organizing this talk, and giving me the chance to enter the grounds of Mitsumi.

8. Mary Joy Tabal, James Go, and John Philip Duenas showed to us that impossible is only a word. These are people who did not wait for things to happen, they make them happen! They showed that winning national and international races can be achieved even with limited access to training equipment and coaches. And, that a pinch of bullishness and mental toughness gave the marathon scene an inspiring finish of James Go.

Thanks a lot to Team Ficktures (Kurt Fick, Karl Tevez, James Go) for the wonderful video, to Mooshi and Pintados for the support thru James Go.

And, again thank you to Shutterfrog, Reynan Opada (for the visits), Salimuang Runner, JD Dorado, Spaghetti Factory, Kai Running, Etch ID, Mochi Audio, DJ Fortz, Armie Garde, and to all who bother to show up, support in silence, share the event! =)

And, now I’m inviting you again to Athletes Talk 9: The TRANSFORMERS. I called this edition “The TRANSFORMERS” because they are individuals who were (somehow) transformed by running, and in a way inspire others to be transformed through running. Details:

Venue: InfiniTEA, City Times Square (across Parkmall)
Date: Aug. 21, 2014
More details to follow!
Speakers: SURPRISE!!!

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