Davao Running Group: 7 Things About Team Kapwa of TK DC2DC Ultramarathon 60

Event: TK DC2DC Ultramarathon 60 (Digos City to Davao City, Sept. 5, 2015)(More info >>)
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How a running group will soon be celebrating with an ultramarathon event this Sept. 6, 2014 was just randomly created by runners watching, Michelle Estuar’s Running Essentials, a running clinic, on the sideline.

Photo from dustgaudan.wordpress.com

Photo from dustgaudan.wordpress.com

Quite unlikely to think of that this fun-loving runners will celebrate their founding anniversary with a serious event. =) Let’s get to know more about this group via quick facts:

ORIGIN of the Group Name: TEAM KAPWA

“Kapwa” in Team Kapwa’s original meaning is not “fellow” but “hayahay” or relax / chill in English. At the Michelle Estuar’s running clinic, some of the founding members were just standing at the sideline watching the other runners working hard for the drills. So one of them noticed their being very chill commented, “Kapwa kaayo sila kay hayahay kaayo. (You are all “kapwa” because you are all so chill.)”

But the word “kapwa” with the meaning of relax originated from a local radio station in Davao which aired an ad that said something like “Basta kapwa, hayahay.”

Founding Date: Sept. 8, 2013

After the Michelle Estuar running clinic in 2012, it took almost a year before the 12 founding members decided to make their group official.

Founding Place: Gen. Santos

From Davao City, the team made it official in Gen. Santos City Tuna Festival Duathlon, where they represent Team Kapwa for the first time. The founding members are: Paul, Garry, Jay, JJ, Robert, Griffton, Rod, Roland, Kenneth, Dante, Eric, Jojo and Peter Mars.

And, this is their first official Team Kapwa group jump shot!

Favorite Training Ground: Davao Diversion Road

It’s a road section of Davao City, which provides a long stretch of rolling hills. The training ground somehow reflects the group’s personality because they can do it long and hard, and “hayahay.”



Favorite Group Activity: “Sugod Bahay Gang”

“Sugod Bahay Gang” can be roughly translated as “attack or raid house gang.” It’s a group run with a twist where they would usually ended up in running mate’s house to “raid” it for food after a long run.

It then became a way for them to find new running routes, or to celebrate someone’s birthday, attend running mates’ fiesta celebration.


Favorite hydration: SanMig Light

It’s self-explanatory! =)

First official event organized: TK DC2DC Ultramarathon 60 (Sept. 6, 2014)

As Team Kapwa was founded by group of marathoners who wish to level up in running which led them to explore the longer distance called ultramarathon races, and found a new joy in it, they created the TK DC2DC Ultramarathon 60 to share their passion for running ultramarathons to other runners, and those who wish to try the somewhat impossible ultramarathon distance.

Being a group known to seek being unconventional: from how they derived their name from a random running clinic event with a local radio ad slogan to founding it in Gen. Santos city to “sugod bahay gang” bonding, their anniversary ultramarathon event can be quite an event with character!
Join the celebration of the love for ultramarathon with Team Kapwa! Register to TK DC2DC Ultramarathon 60 2015, to register:

Deposit Payment to:
Bank Details:

Account Type : Savings Account
Account No.: 008093-0357-72
Branch Name: BPI Davao Ayala Abreeza

More details here >>.

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