5 Things You Never Want To Miss With Team Big Ring’s Invitational Bike Camp


It’s that time of the year again that my cycling team, Team Big Ring formed and pedaling since 2002, is organizing and inviting all mountain bike enthusiasts to our bike camp. For the benefit of those who do not know yet, I’ve only joined the team February of 2012. I’ve been cycling non-stop for almost two years now. Only learned how to mountain bike at age 25, too. If mountain biking together with the boys of TBR is considered a full time job, then I can already call myself a regular employee. My non-existent contract is renewable every six months but it doesn’t have any expiration anyway.

Within the almost two years of mountain biking, this bike camp on the second weekend of August 2014 is going to be my 6th bike camp with the team. If you’re curious what a bike camp is and what happens in it, it’s a bike-a-thon, more or less. No shuttled ride, just pedaling all the way. I am happy that we’re going back to Lake Casuy, the last time I was there was around April 2013, my first bike camp with the team where we also had the Operation Tuli.


If I am to list at least 5 things why you should never miss our annual invitation bike camp, these would be it, and in no particular order:

1. What is the next best thing to free? – is there, really? For two days of cross country riding, you don’t have to pay anything for any registration fee. Trust me, IT’S FREE.  Bring yourself, your bike, your girlfriend if you have any, your sense of adventure, and all those essentials you think you will need when you’re going camping except that there’s a lot of pedaling involved. It can be a good recovery ride after the Cobra IronMan, too.


2. Raffle – Who does that? No registration fee but we’re raffling out: BRAND NEW Infinity MTB frame, size 14, top tube length 21 for the major prize, bought from Gene Faelnar of CEBU Mountain BIKE Adventure, TI Mavic SLR skewers just to name a few. What’s the catch? You only have to complete the two days of xc riding. That’s all. It’s that simple.


3. Epic Ride and Epic Route – There’s nothing like seeing the city you love from a different point of view, it makes you love it even more. Rain or shine, we’re riding. No mud too deep, no hill too steep. I’ve said this before and I will say it again, Cebu is so much more beautiful with a mountain bike. This is your chance to explore and see the other side of the city. I’m not even exaggerating on this one. You don’t get to experience this kind of fun by reading blogs or watching mountain biking videos. Go out and ride.


4. Kulafu Night – The camp site alone is a winner, I tell you. And did I forget to mention that the drink’s going to be on us. By drink, I don’t just mean water hydration. Because no great story ever started with someone eating salad. Beer and bikes at the end of a long ride is the perfect happy ending. Not just that, we have bike safety and etiquette which can be translated into fun and games. Who knows? 😀


5. What if you’re a newbie? – Newbies, seasoned riders, weekend warriors, everyone is invited. Besides, we don’t leave any rider behind, ever. There’s going to be a trail sweeper as well. It’s not a race, we’re there to enjoy. Also, I’ve joined 5 bike camps with TBR and I’m a girl. What’s your excuse?

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