Athletes Talk 8: The Fastest and The Strongest Marathoners

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Athletes Talk 8 Poster credits: Kurt Fick of Ficktures Photography and James Go of Pocket Prints


What? Athletes Talk 8: The Fastest & The Strongest Marathoner
Who? Mary Joy Tabal, James L. Go, John Philip Duenas
When? 8:00PM. July 25, 2014
Where? Crossfit Pintados, Juana Osmeña St. in between Baseline and National Bookstore. Right in front of the St. Theresa’s College gate.

Athlete’s Talk 8 Promo Vid from KurtFicktures on Vimeo.

Cebu has been home to the fastest female marathoners (based on Milo National Finals winners). The reigning Marathon Queen is Mary Joy Tabal. On top of that, she was able to break the long-standing record for 7 years of Jho-an Banayagshe. Mary Joy Tabal is now the current record holder of 2:48:00 of the Milo Marathon National Finals. With that, she represented Philippines at Paris Marathon and landed in the top 20! (More about of her Paris Marathon jouryne >>)

On the other side, if Mary Joy Tabal made the fastest record in a national marathon, Cebu also takes pride that we have the strongest road marathoner James Go who never backed down of finishing a challenge without getting any thing in return. Nothing in return means finishing a marathon without any medals nor trophies, but nevertheless, he is an equally hero of Mary Joy.

Why does Cebu have these talented runners from fastest to strongest / bravest? Who / what they do have something in common? The answer is Coach JPD, John Philip Duenas, a runner and triathlete. Any runner / triathletes, from fastest to slowest, when asked about how they started running will never fail to mention the name John Philip Duenas. I believe this guy deserves the credit for making Cebu home of talented runners. He selfishly shared his knowledge with anyone who is interested to learn.

Here’s a “just another training day with Mary Joy Tabal” created by James Go and Kurt Diores Fick.

In time for the upcoming Talisay City Marathon, these marathoners, and a maker of marathoners / triathletes of Cebu will share with us tips and their experience! So come and join us because this will be our time to get the most from them — from tricks to inspirations!

This Athletes Talk 8 is in part of the upcoming Talisay City Marathon, Aug. 17, 2014.

You can register for the event at the AThletes Talk 8. Or you can also check the following registration venues:
* Online Registration:
* City of Talisay City Hall – Sports Commission Office (Monday to Friday, office hours)
* C&J, Gaisano Fiesta Mall, Talisay City
* Runnr Ayala, Cebu City
* Kai Stickers Villagracia Bldg. Across Cortes Hosp. S.B. Cabahug St., Centro Mandaue City

We would like also to thank the help of the following sponsors for this talk:, The Athletes Foot and The Planet Sports (both located in Ayala Cebu), Artist Etch at SM City Cebu, KAi Running Sandal, Spaghetti Factory, Ficktures, and Pocket Prints, Pintados, Mooshi Green Bar!

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