[#throwbackthursday] Look Back at 1st CAVINTI Adventure Road & Trail Marathon

2nd Cavinti Adventure Road and Trail Marathon 2014 – 42K, register >>

2nd Cavinti Adventure Road and Trail Marathon 2014 – 21K
2nd Cavinti Adventure Road and Trail Marathon 2014 – 12K

2nd Cavinti Adventure Road and Trail Marathon 2014 – 6K

Photos of 1st CAVINTI Adventure Road & Trail Marathon, check here >>

The 1st CAVINTI Adventure Road & Trail Marathon was Joseph Prince Baltazar’s first race that he organized in his (ad)venture Prince Multi Sports Events,Inc. And, I think it must had been one adventure, a marathon distance and a trail event for a first time event for a first-time organizer?!? It was probably a big risk.

And, it was echoed by one of the popular running bloggers, Jazz Runner:

“I’m a bit surprised how this trail run has attracted huge interest considering that the venue is located remotely away from Metro Manila where travel time takes about 2 to 3 hours to get there and the limited time it took for the organizers to launch the race.Already, registrants numbered to 445 from the day registration opened 2 weeks ago and is about to exceed the limit of 500 runners for the four 4 distances offered.”

via Personalities | JAZZRUNNER.

But how big risk it was, it also turned out to be a big success. Let’s take a stroll down the memory lane trail of the 1st CAVINTI Adventure Road & Trail Marathon:

Here’s a race experience of ultramarathoner trail runner Cheryl Bihag of the event:

Photo from cherylbihag.blogspot.com

Photo from cherylbihag.blogspot.com

“Full and half marathon runners were released at the same time. After a little over 7km just my estimate distance from gun start that covers the paved road we enter a rough road evident to be muddy even before running through it. This now started my endless muddy adventure. With one goal in mind, to get out of this mud  of different intensity injured free,  I stayed focused at all times. Admittedly, it was really a new adventure for me. After a while of struggling and hoping for a much harder part of the road at some point I just step wherever my feet landed, sometimes laughing out loud from sliding on slippery parts and almost falling.  I managed to stay balanced and keep my upper body clean from mud ..until..something happened… my right shoe got vacuumed on a deep soft mud. I tried pulling my foot but to no avail, I decided to pull my leg, and pull my shoe with my right hand and still no luck, now I used my two hands. After few seconds of struggle I managed to pull it out but with mud up to my elbow on both arms. I wished I could have brought out my camera and take a photo of myself but not possible. After few steps of walking on the mud with only sock on my right foot I managed to put on my shoe again. With the absence of  a running water to clean myself from,  I run with mud on both arms, hands and legs. My hope of getting out the muddy portion after an hour becomes several hours,  until I said to myself, I’ll just enjoy and don’t mind how long will this take me. This was my longest distance of running on the mud so far.”

read more at Curly Climber: Muddy Madness at First Cavinti Adventure Road and Trail Marathon 2013.

Another experience of running blogger Jazz Runner during trial run of the route:

Photo from jazzrunner.wordpress.com

Photo from jazzrunner.wordpress.com

“Part of the allure of this race might be its scenic course, a combination of roads and trails that winds down to many interest facets of Cavinti like its natural forests, lakes, rivers, mountains and its brown trails and fire roads. Together with other trail runner friends, I was fortunate enough to document the route of the race during a test run we did a few weeks ago which best describes on a blog i wrote:Mild temperatures, expansive views of surrounding mountains, rolling hills, moderate elevation gains, a beautiful lake and wildflower meadows are the highlights of running in Cavinti. It reminded me of running up the mountain passes of Miyamit in Porac, Pampanga but here, they were shorter and the rolling terrain was more tolerable.The dirt roads and wide-track trails offer everything from gentle loops to challenging climbs with sweeping views of the Sierra Madre Mountains…”

via Vanj Endaya Test Runs the Cavinti Trails | JAZZRUNNER.

It was an “easy run” for Forefoot Runner blogger, find out from his blog post:

Photo from ordinaringordinari.wordpress.com

“It was for me an easy run. Not because the route is easy but because I ran at my easy pace. The only part where I am at my tempo pace is at the road before entering the trail. The weather did changed from cold to very cold – so I moved a bit faster. The rain did stopped but the drizzle continued.It was a fun run in the trail running with people I have no idea who. But we have had conversations – lots of rants and funny remarks along as we progressed. It was also a never ending GOOD morning as we started seeing the counter-flowing Monsters of Running on their way back while we are on our way to the u-turn of the route.”

via Cavinti Marathon Race Chronicle « Ordinary Ways.

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Featured photo from Rai Cabanig

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