SN280: Defending Champ, Mindanao Champ, & History in the Making

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Event: 2014 SN280
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“Not all who wander are lost; some are making history!”

I think one of the things that Cebu running can be very proud of is being the host of South to North Ultramarathon. Last year’s SN250 (South to North 250KM, from Santander to Bogo, Cebu) was the first longest single-stage foot race in Southeast Asia. This year, it’s 280 (from Santander to Daanbantayan), and is probably again setting as the first longest single-stage foot race! (Correct me if I’m wrong.)

As our little shoutout and cheers to the very very very brave runners who are taking the challenge (again) this year, here’s our goodluck and fearless forecats! I had crewed last year until the first half-way check point for the Psycho Inday Runners, and I tell you that if crewing was already very hard, how much more for the runners who had to be on their foot for like almost 50hours or more!

Sample of SN250 support crew Photo from Jean Dalumpines

Sample of SN250 support crew
Photo from Jean Dalumpines

Fearless Forecast of Champions

Joel Cuyos (NRRC). Two championships in a row? Like last year, RD Jonel Mendoza did not release any official list of participants. But basing on the news from the grapevine, it seems that the championship title is already secured in the hands of the defending champion Joel Cuyos…

Joel Cuyos with his North Road Runners Club supporters Photo from Edmond Aragon

Joel Cuyos with his North Road Runners Club supporters
Photo from Edmond Aragon

except if Rodney Cabahug (Team Laspag) will give him a chase!

Photo from Shutterfrog

Photo from Shutterfrog

Assuming that Rodney, come better prepared than last year, then it seems it will be a Lapu-lapu against Lapu-lapu fight. With these 2 doing a lie-low in the ultramarathon scene lately, it only means that these 2, Joel and Rodney, are really prepared.

Katherine Villaflor (Psycho Inday Runners). With the news that only other female participant, Rhoda Caballero-Oporto, decided not to join in the last minute for health reasons (get well soon, Rhoda!), it seems that the SN 280’s first female champion will be from Davao, Mindanao. And, I believe the coast is clear for Villaflor knowing that she had gone thru half of the route last year (DNF due to halfway cutoff time), she definitely has a better strategy this year.

By the way, watch out for Katherine’s 3rd ultramarathon that she organized, End to End Ultramarathon this October 18, info here >>.


According to Sunstar’s article by Richiel Chavez, there are 10 confirmed Cebuano runners, let’s get to know them one-by-one, and wish them the best of everything — from luck to hydration to weather to blister-and-injury-free 280KM of journey on foot!

CR Holder of last man standing

Cilu Joel Ouano (Team Cebu Striders).
From the first placers, let’s talk about, not the last runner, but the runner who was hardest to quit. Last year, he arrived at the finish line 60hours 27mins, which was 12hrs and 20mins from the cut-off time of 48 hours. Is he going to defend that title this year or will he make a new PR?

Photo from John Domingo

Photo from John Domingo

Barefoot Record in Philippines

Kit Quiseo. Kit is notorious for setting records in Philippine barefoot running. Kit, with 2 other runners (Rico Dale Wesley & Neil Nacario) last CUC 100K Leg 1, was part of the history of the first Filipinos to run an official 100KM race in barefoot from start to finish. This year at Hardcore 100Miles, Kit, this time alone, again made the first Filipino to finish a 100-mile ultramarathon in bare feet from start to finish.
This SN 280, it will be a new record for the barefoot runners of the Philippines! But will it be 3 barefoot runners making history this year?

Edwin Colina. He may not have made as many records like Kit, but Colina can be credited as one of the pioneers of barefoot running in Cebu, Philippines, thus making barefoot running a regular in Cebu streets.

But before setting any records, Colina has another priority in this year’s edition, which is to finish it!
Last year, he had to DNF even before reaching the half-way point because of hydration issues. He was vomiting frequently that he decided to pull out early in the race last year. Maybe because he did not go barefoot. =)


He learned that he would react negatively to energy drinks because of acid content. So this year, he’s going to really pay more attention on his hydration: it’s going to be just plain water. Aside from avoiding acidic drinks, he will follow a strict solid hydration intake because his body will no longer accept food once he skipped a meal.

And, Colina would like to give thanks to his ever supportive sponsors: Dallie de la Pena, Natnat Lauron, Michael Aloba, Sanjay Saroopdas, Lester Campilan, Omar Kintanar, Lorna Amor, Dr. Alberto Solis, Sheila Mae Colina and especially to God Almighty for his good health that enables him to participate in that kind of race.

Romil Garces (Indie Runners). Another regular barefoot runner in the ultramarathon scene is from the Indie Runners group. Like Kit, this will be his first time in SN 280. But unlike Kit, he said that he probably cannot go barefoot all the way from start to finish line. So he’ll be bringing along with a pair of slippers. His strategy will be barefoot when the weather is cold, then use slippers if it gets hot.

Photo by John Domingo

Photo by John Domingo

And, his slippers will probably be his sole support crew as he might be self-supporting, unless someone will come up to volunteer. So for those who want to volunteer as his support crew, feel free to message him. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Another Champion

Tony Galon (CUC).
I could say that it’s a sin to overlook this 5-petal man (5-petal is the name of his training plan, know more here >>) as another contender for the championship title. If consistency has a name, it’s name is Tony Galon. You can check more stories from Superbalita here, and Sunstar here >>.

For this edition, Tony said that he will have a more conservative pace, a 2KM run then 1KM walk. Then, he will also be more strict in his food intake compared to only eating one time last year. And, watch out for the leg 2 of their KMK Ultramarathon Series!

The Veteran

Noay “Doc Lope” Lope (Team Cebu Striders).
Doc Lope was one of the pioneers of the SN250, and is a hardened ultramarathoner of Cebu. Last year, he finished it beyond cut-off time. This year, he will probably be back with a vengeance at his time!

Photo by John Domingo

Photo by John Domingo

First Timers

Rex Gonzales. Not a newbie in ultramarathon races, but this will be his first time in the first longest single-stage foot race in Southeast Asia. Coming from the Danao City, the home of the best endurance runners of Cebu, this man has packed a hefty good luck with him.

Photo from Roy Delez Photography

Photo from Roy Delez Photography

One of Tatlong Itlog

Benedict Meneses. “Tatlong Itlog” is what I could remember from him. It was probably their friends’ nickname to them. They were a group of 3 experienced ultramarathon runners who were staying with each other at the early part of the race last year. And, I guess from then on, this man has been a regular of 200KM+ races around Philippines.

Photo from Benedict Meneses

Photo from Benedict Meneses

This post is not complete list of participants so I might miss a lot of names. The RD usually announced the full list at the race briefing or at the starting of the race.

The Promising

Brian Guillen (Team ADR).
A relatively newbie in ultramarathon compared to the other runners here. But though new, but he has been collecting championship trophies from his ultramarathon. One was the Hardcore 100Miles, and he was the 2nd overall placer of the recent KMK 100 Ultramarathon.

Photo from ADR page

Photo from ADR page


He’s not running, but this guy was the biggest booster of last year’s first edition of the historical race. Even I, who was just a support crew, got super happy to see him from time to time. Consider this as late thank you!

Photo from Shutterfrog

Photo from Shutterfrog

* Featured Photos credits: Shutterfrog, John Domingo, Joey Fernandez, Edwin Colina, Lu Zel, Benedict Meneses, Roy Delez


For list  of ultramarathon races, check! And, you can register online for these ultra races:

SUNGAY 50km Challenge Ultramarathon – July 13, 2013

TK DC2DC Ultramarathon 60 – Sept. 5, 2014

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