[Video] Part 1. Athletes Talk 5: White Kenyan & Black Kenyan

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In this episode, Part 1, Noel Tillor and Abraham Missos shared their early beginnings in running. Noel Tillor shared that before getting into running, he was into many vices. Until he fumbled into fun runs out of curiosity with just his basketball shorts or sometimes Hawaiian beach shorts and sneakers, but still he got into top 10 which made the other old-timer elite runners then watched out for him.

While Abraham Missos shared that he was still in elementary when he started running. It was cut-off because his father did not approve of it. Until he went to high school then his school was looking for a runner to elevate their school’s status, it was then he got back to running seriously. He talked about his struggles, until his first race outside Kenya.

Watch the video, and listen to them talk about their early beginnings:

(Due to technical problems, Noel Tillor’s part is incomplete.)

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Related Stories:
Previous Athletes Talk articles / videos here >>

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