[Featured Athlete] Team TTB / Batch 96 Represent at Cebu Landmasters Inc – St. Ignatius Run 2014

Event: St. Ignatius Run – July 13, 2014 (REGISTRATION OPEN! More info here >>!)
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Richelieu Mariano Ho.  Four (4) words in 1 person — coffee, yoghurt, massage and triathlon — is our next featured athlete, representing Batch 96 in the Alumni category of the upcoming Cebu Landmasters Inc – St. Ignatius Run, July 13, 2014.

Following is a brief Q&A to know more about this coffee connoisseur triathlete behind Coffee Cat (IT Park) and Nuat Thai Massage (H. Cortes):

Fondest / most memorable memory you have in Sacred Heart:

A bunch of “kabuang” stuff, but let’s keep it them secret so that classmates will not haunt me.

Runroo: One of the beneficiaries of Sacred Heart Alumni Association’s activities is rebuilding Yolanda affected areas. Being one of those early individuals who responded to Yolanda crisis, what kind of help do they still need most?

I would say a more permanent & safe shelter. I think some of the relocated victims are still living on temporary means. I believe food & supplies are already adequate in the affected areas.

Runroo: During your rebuilding drive for Yolanda, what’s your most memorable moment?

Apart from witnessing how the victims held up strong & kept their faith despite their losses, it was a global drive to contribute for the rebuilding of the affected areas. My first hand experience was when my different group of friends, businesses & sports team gathered to make our own contributions & assuring the delivery of the directly to the victims. It was indeed something you would feel good & proud of.

Runroo: Now let’s talk about triathlon. How did you get into triathlon?

It wasn’t an instant transition for me. I was already into running then cross-train on swimming.

Triathlon didn’t boom yet at that time. I didn’t know how to bike then. Until my teammates, TTB, started getting into biking so I figured that it was never too late to learn.

From there, I would just train & imagine doing the sport until coincidentally the Ironman got announced to be held in Cebu.

Runroo: Which discipline you are most confident, and which discipline you feel you need to improve most?

I always feel that I need to improve on all 3 sports especially in running. But then again, I’m not in a competitive level.

In triathlon, it doesn’t matter if you’re the best runner; if you can’t keep up on the other disciplines, your strong run might not mean anything. To sum it up: Improve all 3 disciplines!

Runroo: How do you manage training and work?

Training is usually done early morning or after office hours. Weekends are reserved for the long workouts.

Runroo: What does your typical weekly training schedule look like?

It really depends on my schedule or how i feel that day. I just shuffle anything as long as I can balance the 3 disciplines per week.

Runroo: What are major races you are preparing this year?

It would have to be IM70.3 next month.

Runroo: Now the most important question — what’s your bike setup?

2 wheels, 1 saddle and pedals. That’s all you need. Hahaha!


There will be an Alumni category in the upcoming St. Ignatius Run – July 13, 2014. Come and race with Jun Barcenas!

Register at any of the following:

Online: http://store.aktib.ph/shop (No additional web fees!)

Registration centers:

* The Planet Sports – Active Zone, Ayala Center Cebu
* The Athletes Foot – Ground Floor, Ayala Center Cebu
* ADC/SHS students at the alumni office of Ateneo de Cebu
* Coffeecat, JP Morgan, IT Park
* Cebu Bionic Builder Supply Inc.. Magallanes branch
* Cebu Home & Builders, AS Fortuna
* Parkmall

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*All photos from Richelieu Mariano Ho files.


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