Behind / Beyond Fun Runs: My 1st Time as a Fun Run Host (MC)

Event: Dagan Para sa Kalikupan
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This year, when we started the “online registration” feature of, I’m able to see (and sometimes get more involved with) what actually happens when putting up of a race. it gets me to see more of what happen behind the scenes of fun runs / races / running events. Though, we only thought of as solely as accepting “online registrations,” but sometimes, I would find myself in other things in which I thought could help out organizers. And, they always proved to be exciting learning experience so sometimes I would find myself grabbing “roles / tasks” which can be out-of-my-league.

So the last fun run, I became an MC or the host.

I was sitting with the organizers, Cebu Climate Change Association Inc, going thru last details of their fun run when they mentioned that they do not have an MC yet for the event.

I made a quick mental calculation: I was thinking that it was only a 10K fun run. The longest time a 10K runner can finish it may be 2 hours. How hard it can be hosting an event for 2 hours?!!

So I volunteered myself and Soybitz as MCs in case they could not find one. I guess I was very brave to do it because I did not really have an experience hosting an event — as they say “innocence is a bliss.” And, I thought that if it’s something embarrassing awkward thing to do, the more I wanted to do it and get over with it.

Here are some random thoughts of my first ever hosting stint:

1. I realized that, as a runner / participant before, I did not really pay much attention to the hosts of an event. Well, I don’t think I really paid much attention to other things except for what I needed to survive a race.

So while I was trying to remember what a host does during the event, the only thing I could remember was them shouting “hep hep hooray” and the “countdown to gun start.” All I could remember was them shouting.

So race day of Dagan Para sa Kalikupan, I basically went there at the event area without a solid game plan of how to survive it except that if worse comes to worst, I’d do “hep hep hooray.”

2. I realized that I know little about all the runners in Cebu. Despite having all my friends in facebook consisted of running friends, up on the stage, I could only count a few faces who I’m familiar with.

When I got up on stage, looking at different faces of runners, it was moving. Whatever the reason they were there — was it for the aero dance / zumba, the cause of the fun run, or mother earth — one thing for sure, everyone was there to commit something better for their self.


3. I know little. As running is a sport that reaches to people in all walks of life, I was intimidated on how to connect to each one of them. Despite that I read this and that book / blog of this popular athlete, I actually know little about runners in general, and every thing in general.


Overall, I was very thankful to CCCAI for giving us that experience! It was a wonderful learning experience.

Some random things from my point of view as MC:

I was having fun putting our talented elite champion athletes on the spot! =) Thank you, guys, for being game!




There were some games that we had to make up along the way because most of the numbers we picked for “raffle draws” were a miss.

Here was our bring a “selfie” winner!

The youngest runners winners.

Photo from Cebu Equal Trading

Photo from Cebu Equal Trading

And, I think my most favorite winners were the “Bring me a running couple.” They were too sweet to kiss for everyone.




And, it’s rare that I witness when champions arrive. This was a time when both champion and 1st placer were Pinoys for the 5K category, with the Kenyan only in the 3rd.
10304773_1496916643860219_1338256725841999287_n (1)

There are a few things that I wanted to improve in the next time that I get a chance to MC for a fun run again. One thing is more interaction with runners in general, and give more acknowledgement when the champions arrive.

By the way, I and Soybitz are open to hosting invitation for running events / races, if you’re not at all picky. =)


And, thank you to friends who were there – pawala sa kulba! =)

Special thanks to the photographers: John Domingo of FotoSmile and Oscar Uy of Cebu Equal Trading. I haz proof of my first-time hosting stint!


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