Father’s Day Special: Lucky 7 Head-Turner Dads

They’re the daddies who can still look good while suffering.

1. Victor Gabison. This ultramarathoner and triathlete is a father of three (3).

This daddy can make you wish you are his water bottle.

Photo from Jean Valiente Gabison

Photo from Roy Delez, Jean Valiente Gabison

2. Paolo Andre Fernandez. It probably is unjust to compare this Bukidnon guy to the Colorado guy Anton Krupicka. But like Krupicka, this daddy is probably the very few men who has the right to wear short split shorts.

Photo from Studio 8 / Mapawa Trail Marathon & Paolo Fernandez

Photo from Studio 8 / Mapawa Trail Marathon & Paolo Fernandez

3. Antit del Rosario.
That guy who you feel like asking, “Summer ka ba?!?” ‘Coz you’re soooo hot!”


Photo from Antit del Rosario, Reynan Opada

4. Don Greg Espiritu.
This ultramarathoner and triathlete father is daddy to a triathlete. From the land of durian and Philippine Eagle, he was one of the Undress Bonifacio. =)

Photos from Benj Tuble, Rolly Itallo, Lut Ebcas

Photos from Benj Tuble, Rolly Itallo, Lut Ebcas

5. Ed Den. If eyewear can make others look good and cool, this soon-to-be-father marathoner / ultramarathoner of Bacolod makes the eyewear dashing.


Photo from Benz Custodio Ruiz, Ed Den

6. Noy Jopson. I want to skip Noy to give way to others. But to avoid being asked why Noy is not in the list, so here he is.

Photo from Noy Jopson

Photo from Noy Jopson

7. Jay Pop. Because Marc Nelson. Enough said.

(Sorry, it’s not right to crop his wife out of this photo. So girls, let’s all together, “sighhhh.”)

Photo from Jay Pop

Photo from Jay Pop

I’ll stop at seven because I think 7 is a lucky number for men, or else this will not end! =)

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!! Keep running, daddies! =)

* Featured photo from happyfathersdaypoems.org
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