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Event: Geeks on a Beach – August 21-22, 2014 (Details & Register 2014.geeksonabeach.com! Early Bird Rate until May 31, 2014!)
Related Event: Startup Weekend Cebu – June 6-8, 2014 (Details & Register at cebu.startupweekend.org)

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Before I became active in the running community, I was and am in the web / tech (startup) community / industry. I’m not a technical person, but my background has been mostly working on web-based services / products as support person. I even used to do some start-up write-ups here, you can check here http://techboba.blogspot.com/ (not updated though).

And, just like in running, the web technology industry does not only need technical people. For a product to reach the market, there a lot and different variety of people who worked on it. And, so if you are looking getting into having a business or making the web technology be part of your business and work or you simply want to check what’s happening in the web tech industry of Philippines and Southeast Asia, I do highly recommend Geeks on a Beach! (You can also check Startup Weekend Cebu this June 6-8, 2014 >>.)

For those in the running community, if you have any running or sports-related products or just any kind of product, in which you want to take advantage of the web technology, you have in mind, Geeks on a Beach is definitely it is!

Here are some runners who happen to be also geeks, who are into web technology!

Christian Atz of Team E GmbH & Co KG (Black Forest Accelerator). Last year’s Geeks on a Beach at Boracay, Christian was one of the participants. He was once part of the team behind runtastic mobile application, which you probably use to track your running activities. Or, you may be using its training programs for your your races. He mentioned that they tap a popular coach (forgot the name) to create those training programs.


He used to be track & field runner of Germany, part of Germay’s National Team (correct me if I’m wrong) in his younger days.

Photo from hajo.com

Photo from hajo.com

But at GOAB Boracay, Christian was there looking for possible web startups he could invite to their accelerator program.

Last year’s GOAB was also the time of 1st Aklan 50K Ultra Marathon, which we’re able to join. And, it’s where I also met another ultramarathon runner who is running a technology business, Angelo Kaufmann. He’s a running geek into GPS Tracking technology. =)

Photo by John Domingo

Photo by John Domingo

This year for GOAB 2014, a Filipino team, Itemhound, who is timing chip provider (Strider – My Run Time) of racing events will be part of the GOAB 2014 Cebu. Maybe you are interested to get their service or collaborate with them, be there at GOAB 2014 – Cebu.

Photo from Roy Flores (co-founder of ItemHound)

Photo from Roy Flores (co-founder of ItemHound)

The ItemHound will be powering the electronic attendance of GOAB 2014 – Cebu.

Learn, share, network, collaborate, and be inspired! REGISTER NOW to get the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT RATE at 2014.geeksonabeach.com. Early bird rate will be until May 31, 2014!

These are some of the awesome guests who will be attending. There will be more to confirm!
Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 4.10.23 PMYou and the rest of the geeks means endless possibilities!

Next, we’ll share more running geeks! We have our very own Cebuano who has a mobile app for running, a running group founder who is running a media startup, and more! =)

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