[Long Way Column] Part 2: Learnings from training badly?

Related story: [Long Way Column] Part 1: How to train badly? …Listening to your body is easier said than done. I just want to run long and run fast but my body won’t let me. So instead of being stubborn about it, I decided to act, change and be open minded about anything new on how to run pain free. After much rest, and research, I came in on two conclusions that I think would help me. (Continuation from [Long Way Column] Part 1: How to train badly?, read here >>) 1. Mid drop shoes are better suited to me — about 6 – 8 mm drop so that it wont aggregate my calf. 2. More cadence will make my calf more relax as it won’t flex my ankle. Now to put it into action. Days after learning things on the internet, which was 4 days of rest = crazy me! Everything I learned, I applied. Getting PR’s (Personal Record) on my route meant I was doing good on less effort, I might add. My calves were thanking me in every step. With more cadence, it meant I won’t extend my ankle to the point that my calf muscle will stretch its limits which in turn pulls my plantar facia. (Cadence is defined by how many steps you take per minute (also known as turnover rate). More here >>.) The rest day, and applying the new things I learned from my research paid off when I was able to running pain-free again. Running pain-free really helped a lot in my whole demeanor. I was excited on my runs. I was motivated to do some tough workouts. I am able to connect peacefully on the trails and in the city! My mind can wander off or stay concentrated on the task at hand. Not focusing on the pain meant that I was able to just cruise and enjoy every run. Aside from the 2 lessons mentioned above, I ended April with more learnings. And, here are some I would like to share: Points to ponder when you’re starting to train: * Eating carbs only 30 minutes after workout * Eating low to no carbs thru out the day. * First 2 months is endurance training. With regards to the diet side of the plan, four (4) months ago, I found out that the effect on eating within 30minutes after you exercise has lots of benefits. Mainly, because the body is really accepting what you put in and within the time frame. I’ve been able to run back to backs and not feel sluggish at all. Father and son – first and foremost I wanted to follow a strict training (mileage) plan that I created before the TDR 80KM Ultramarathon race. But I guess when it comes to it, you just want to listen to your body and just adjust on the fly. Having a family and working on the farm has its advantages but sometimes you don’t own your time. So what I do , if it’s a feel good day, I go out long or sometimes fast just to get a workout. Father and son – first and foremost Early in April too, my son got sick, and in order for my wife to jog, I had to stay up at nights just to tend to our son because my wife has the morning jog shift. So that left me with sluggish legs on some days. So instead of rambling about how I feel, I just ride the pace and cruise on whatever my body is giving me. Brain-Body workout Im trying this new thing that I read on the internet – not wearing a watch. I still wear one but with the display turned off. I can only see the start/stop arrow. I cannot see the time, pace or the distance. This they term as BRAIN – BODY workout or BB workout for short. On most days, it felt really good because you are more attuned to your body, when easy , is really easy and when pushing was really not letting up. You can go deep and just ask yourself, is it easy? Or I know I can do more ? After the workout, I plug my watch in my computer and study it! So it is still a studied workout in pure honesty! Be grateful. Grateful that you can run. By the middle of April, I gave myself a week break and 2 sessions of acupuncture. I was able to re-evaluate and recalculate where I am – fitness wise. After the TDR80 race, I was in a place where all I wanted was to progress; I forgot the process of it all. I was mad about it. The break made me realized that as long as I am running, it was a blessing! That I should take every single running day a blessing. In order to have a good mindset on things, I made a rule to myself that when I run I must only think about being grateful. Grateful that I can run, that I can sustain this pace or just about anything I can see or think. 10312616_10152138523953520_6374368478528539166_n Last week of April, I made a training schedule after knowing or being on the proper path about my mind and body, and here it goes: Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 12.53.03 PM If I can execute this schedule, then I can buy my shorts! (my motivation). I adjust some of my runs on the fly depending on how I feel, some runs I shorten and some runs I extend. This is a sort of a guideline for me. So we will see how it unfolds. As always everything in life has to have balance… (All photos from Paolo Fernandez, the author.) Check the Part 1: How to train badly? of this article here >>. *** Written by: Paolo Fernandez of paolofernandez.blogspot.com. Care to share your running story with

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