1st Taal Volcano Island 360 Challenge 25km Trail Run: Things You Might Miss

Event: 1st Taal Volcano Island 360 Challenge 25km Trail Run – May 17, 2014 (REGISTER ONLINE at store.aktib.ph! No additional fees!)


So we’ll be joining this race. It’s a perfect timing that we’ll be there in Manila on those dates. And, we’ll see if the trip to Taal Lake / Volcano will be also be perfect. =)

So following are some random photos, which you might miss if you’ll not be in this race!

All photos are shared by the Race Direcor Joseph Prince Baltazar of Prince Multi Sports Events, Inc., who is also the same group behind the successful Cavinti Adventure Marathon, City to the Sky Midnight Ultramarathon 60Km – Luneta to Tagaytay, and more upcoming races like UP to UP 80K Ultramarathon Leg 2 and others.

The race route view is a reflection of the RD — beautiful view = beautiful RD. Here are photos of himself, the RD! =)


Condura Marathon was canceled this year but not this one. So Raul Concepcion Running Shield of Condura Group of Companies will have his more than half-marathon in Taal Volcation Island 360 Challenge instead.

May volcano ka na, may lake ka pa! It’s not going to be only a trail p0rn, because there’s going to be a beach / lake p0rn.





HOT! It’s definitely going to be one HOT event for a hot runner!


Don’t worry, your hotness will be captured by Pixel Art Media Production Co. Recharge.

Photo credit: Amy Lee

Photo credit: Amy Lee

And, if you see this, don’t panic! SMILE because it’s a camera for aerial shots!
10269500_1499540476931906_813368898879673263_n (1)

To cool it down a bit for you, you’ll have a chance to go home with a refrigerator from Running Shield,

and, a BALISONG!


And, if you’re not so lucky for the ref, you’ll have a shirt and a medal at the finish line! =)

So want a worthwhile adventure this weekend, join now! REGISTER ONLINE at store.aktib.ph!!!

For other registration centers, check poster below!

REGISTER ONLINE at store.aktib.ph!!!
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