[Long Way Column] Part 1: How to train badly?

Related story: Part 2: Learnings from training badly? The runroo.com has a new contributor, Paolo Fernandez. He is the TDR 80K Ultramarathon 2014 Champion (story here

>>). We invited him to share his thoughts on running, and beyond in the column, Long Way. Follow his articles in “Long Way” category here >>. *** I finished my first ever ultra marathon race, the TDR80km (March 15, 2014), in which I won the overall champion! I didn’t expect that to happen. Everything just fell into place. Even the mishaps were blessings. After the race, all I wanted to do was train again, which was a bad idea! Physically and mentally, I was still in the “Wow, I won!” phase. I wanted to get 80km to 100km mileage weekly with just a week after the race. Dumb! I know! So in April, a month after my TDR 80K race, I started to train. But I was having a hard time getting motivated in running everyday with a mileage in mind. Aside from lacking motivation, I had tightness on my left calf which in turn pulled my plantar fascia. It then got aggravated because I tried a new low drop shoe. Switching from 7mm-drop NB 1400v2 to a 4mm-drop shoe, the Nike Wild Horse, it worsens the tightness in my calves. So I stopped using my Nike, and just concentrated on how to heal this tightness on my calf. I wanted to heal fast, but it was just not the case. Indeed, “patience is a virtue” — an important virtue as a matter of fact. After accepting that I had an injury, I went and buried myself to the internet. Listening to your body is easier said than done. I just want to run long and run fast but my body won’t let me. So instead of being stubborn about it, I decided to act, change and be open minded about anything new on how to run pain free. After much rest, and research, I came in on two conclusions that I think would help me.

Photo from Paolo Fernandez

Photo from Paolo Fernandez

*** What are the 2 conclusions? Is it already about training the right way? Please watch out for the part 2 of the first article in Long Way Column by Paolo Fernandez. You can read the 2 conclusions and more lessons here Part 2: Learnings from training badly? >> Featured photo by Eric John Yu Luna


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