Athletes Talk 4: Run-union of Champs

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Honestly, at first I felt I had done a sloppy job in putting up the last Athletes Talk 4. Aside from getting in touch with the participants of the last Runnilla, I was hoping to gather the champions, not really for them to speak but more of to honor them. But it’s not easy tracking them down with a limited time, and just like I was busy and so are they.

Little did I know that the champions were pouring! =)

Rhoda Caballero-Oporto (Team ARC / Indie), according to her it was the “accidental 18K Female Champion runner.” A canceled LSD led her to Runnilla. And, she was carried away watching runners in full battle gear that maybe this is her time to really try trail running. She has been invited many times to try trail run, but was hesitant. But she said that she promised her self to be able join a trail race before the year ends.

It’s happy to know that this girl has been part of the first Runnilla, and somehow Runnilla is part of her first. =)

Photo from

Photo from Dennis Igloria / Salimuang Runner / Shutterfrog

Kit Caryl Rubillos (Nunning Kamot Runner). I’m not sure with the group’s running name spelling. But I think it was just put up as a group of them in the LGU office of Minglanilla decided to take part of Runnilla.

Anyhow, somehow his being a 30K finisher was, like Rhoda, an accidental one. He said that originally he planned to join 18K but when he saw the beautiful mountains as part of the 30K route, it changed his mind. More of his funny story soon to be uploaded on runroo’s youtube.


Glendon B. Maturan (Team RunNuttyRide). He is the 5K champion from Minglanilla. I felt proud that a Minglanilla runner got one of the championships.

This guy has a bright future, as bright as his braces. =)


Bonifacion Monjas (Team ADR). He was an almost champion if he only did not get lost. But he was there to share an upcoming trail running event in Naga, Cebu, which he is helping to organize. They are still working on, but tentative date will be some time in September. Like their event’s page here >>.


Irene Gantalao (Calbasa-an Elementary School Teacher). She was not a runner this time, but she said that she will join next year. She was manning the aid station at the school. And, she shared her experience of being a first timer aid station crew.

Tony Galon (Founder of CUC). When you talk about Minglanilla, you cannot miss to include this guy. I would probably sound like a bad record describing him again, so just watch out for the video of talk to be uploaded to learn more from him.

Tidbit: It was actually his wife, Alfie, who was into running first.


And, the lone winner of #runnilla #selfie4visor who arrived at the talk. (This beautifully well-crafted by Etch ID visor is available for sale at http://store.aktib.ph!)

If Athletes Talk 4 was about first timers and ultramarathoners, the next one will be about champion marathoners and half-marathoners? =) Keep posted!

Again, thank you to all who came. Special thanks to (Tita) Mimi of Nunning Kamot Runner and Vice-Mayor’s office for helping us out with the venue. And to those who support the aktib visors, thank you very much too!!! =)

* All photos (except for Naga Trail Run) from Dennis Igloria / Salimuang Runner, more here >>.

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