2nd Guimaras Ultra Marathon (30K/65K), May 18, 2014: 6 Things to Expect Beyond the Mango

Event: 2nd Guimaras Ultra Marathon (30K/65K), May 18, 2014. ONLINE REGISTRATION at store.aktib.ph!
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This May 18, 2014 is the 2nd Guimaras Ultra Marathon, organized by Iloilo Prosport. We had ran in the Balaan Bukid Half-Marathon, which some parts of the route is part of this incoming ultramarathon (Read our race story here >>.). And, Guimaras is an island that is best experience on foot thus if you want to fully experience the place, join this race. (Online registration here >>.)

For this upcoming ultramarathon in Guimaras, here are some things you can look forward to and some suggestions on what to do in the island: during the race and before / after the race:

During Race

1. Longer and New Route. The first ultramarathon was only 50K. This time it is longer — 65K. Aside from that, this route will bring you to the less traveled path of Guimaras. The more popular destinations in Guimaras Island is the western side of it, the one facing Iloilo, maybe because it’s the more accessible.


With the new route of the Guimaras Ultramarathon, it will bring you to the eastern part of the island. What lies in there, it’s up for you to find out!

2. Relaxing scenic view along the route… Guimaras has a laid-back environment, which can help you relax during a very tough race.

Early morning scene at Buinavista, Guimaras

Early morning scene at Buinavista, Guimaras

But it also comes with challenging route that requires your all-terrain capabilities: a mix of off-road, asphalt and concrete, trail, and rolling hills.

Photo from Iloilo Prosport

Photo from Iloilo Prosport

3. Challenging and friendly runners. The organizer has been working on the advocacy of giving talented runners more exposure. This time in Guimaras Ultramarathon, with the sponsorship of Iloilo City Sport Office (Mayor Jed Mabilog, Vice Mayor Joe Espinosa and Jojo Castro), Gilmore Yap (champion of 1st Iloilo Ultramarathon) will be joining 2nd Guimaras Ultramarathon as a sponsored athlete.

So if you want a good competition, you will definitely not be disappointed with Guimaras Ultramarathon.


Photo by Boogie N Boogie

But if you are also a runner who wants more of the “friendly” in the friendly competition, then you will also not be disappointed. You may find running yourself along side Mylene Pura, both a champion and a very supportive runner.

Photo from Jovie Narcise / baldrunner.com

Photo from Jovie Narcise / baldrunner.com

Before / After Race.

4. Food to try.

Mango. Guimaras has always been known for its mango. It’s known to be the place of the best mango variety in the Philippines. Though, the Cebuana in me would disagree but still I could say that, yes, their mangoes are yummy. There’s something about how their mangoes are meatier compared to Cebu’s.

Homecooked Meal at Valle Verde Resort Restaurant. Valle Verde is family-run resort / accommodation, and so they provide a hearty meal prepared by one of the owners. (More about Valle Verde Resort in Guimaras here >>.)

And, you get to have this view while dining…

view from Valle Verde resto / lobby, mountain resort, guimars

view from Valle Verde resto / lobby

Tarts & other pasalubong treats at Trappist Abbey. It’s a few KM away from the town proper of Jordan, Guimaras.

Galvez Kainan. If you ask any Guimaras locals for suggestion on where to eat, all of them will refer you to Galvez Kainan. They serve our daily kind of dishes, and local dishes, the famous Guimaras mango, and desserts.


5. Places to go.

Or more of beaches to go.

Alubihod, Nueva Valencia. This is the most popular area for beaches. Any local you will ask, they will give you this place. So it can be a bit crowded and touristy. But you can do many things here.

From island hopping…

to this 101 activities offered by the JLBF eco park located in the Alubihod area.

Guisi Beach. This one is more of my favorite but it can be too far from Jordan. This place is more peaceful, and it has a historical light house which you can visit.


Iloilo City. If you want a more city vibe, it’s just a 15minute or less boat-ride from Guimaras Island. You can take a boat from the Jordan, or in Buenavista. The boat fare is just less than P20.

For things to do in Iloilo City, check “5 “Sadsad” Things to Do After a Long Run in Iloilo” here >>.


Enjoy Guimaras Island, join now 2nd Guimaras Ultra Marathon (30K/65K), May 18, 2014. Register online at aktib.ph!

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