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I’m a great believer in “food is medicine.” And, it’s based on personal experience. It saved my mother from a major operation. But let me not bore you with the details. But if you’re interested about how “food is medicine” works with my mother, feel free to message me and I’ll be very happy to share.

So when I learned about this Yogamorphosis program offered by Yoga Now Center, I greatly appreciate it. Because it’s easier to start running, yoga, exercise, or whatever physical fitness you are interested but it’s totally a different thing when it comes changing your perception and behavior towards food. I guess because it’s easier to add a behavior (exercise), than to cut out on a behavior (food).

With food, it’s not just about the Do’s and Don’t. It takes a deeper understanding to be able to maintain it. And, I believe this is where Yogamorphosis of Yoga Now Center can greatly help. It combines yoga and food, giving you a very holistic but a fun approach.

In a nutshell, Yogamorphosis program offered by Yoga Now Center is a 40-day program. It’s going to be one (1) hour of yoga session with a yoga instructor, then followed with a food talk with Chef Chip Lopez, who received her training from Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute in Cleveland, Ohio. There will be different themes every week:

Week 1: Come in to your body: Cultivating awareness and presence
Week 2: Vitality
Week 3: Equanimity
Week 4: Restoration
Week 5: Centering
Week 6: triumph
To learn more about it, here’s an article about YOGAMORPHOSIS shared by Runner / Yoga Instructor Joan Panulde of Yoga Now Center. (For any inquiries kindly call us at 5112634 /09199902813/email at yoganowcenter13@yahoo.com. Reserve your slot before the 26th.)


To quote Ralph Waldo Emerson he said “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

Yogamorphosis is a decision to commit yourself to a healthy life style it is a program base on a book by Baron Baptiste that aims to revolutionise self transformation. A holistic approach to improve well being body mind and spirit.

It is a decision to start a 40-day program to jump start healthy eating , allow yourself to deepen yoga practice and give your mind the relaxation it deserves and answer the excavation questions. It will give you that awareness in the interconnection of body , mind and spirit.

Each week has a theme that gives you insight on the diet, the daily yoga practice and mind relaxation. Each participant will be monitored by the faculty of Yoga Now Center to track their progress or to make them aware of how the the day to day program can be improve.

It is not a program that fits all it depends on the individuals temperament, body type and sense of being. It is a self transformation not a competition.

It allows an individual to journey into a healthier daily practice to maintain a lifetime of well-being. We want this to be an experience to awaken the senses and discover inner change. How often do we reach outside of our self to look for quick fix only to learn that what we need is look inside and heal ourselves first before we can look outside.

This will both be a personal challenge and a learning experience of what you are capable of doing in 40 days.

Expect an inner transformation that will radiate outside that will impact your day to day life.

We will start the program on the 26th of April at 1 in the afternoon with an hour of yoga practice and to be followed by a wellness talk by renowned chef Chip Lopez.

Chef Chip Lopez is a Plant- Based, Whole Foods Advocate, Blue Sky Thinker and a Real Food Activist. She did her training at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute in Cleveland, Ohio under Chef Jim Perko, Culinary Olympian and Executive Chef of The Clinic. She is best known for creating Vegetarian versions of Classic Street Food and Fast Food dishes to satisfy her cravings.

Photo from Chip Lopez / Jay Chiongbian Young

Photo from Chip Lopez / Jay Chiongbian Young

She found her mission in cooking when she transformed her life by switching to a Plant-based diet in 2012. She cured her Dyspepsia and Fibromyalgia symptoms specifically Insomnia and Migraine and have gone from being (prescription) drug dependent to not taking any form of medication since. She is mostly a vegetarian. But sashimi will make it on her plate sometimes. However she feels best eating raw, whole foods. What makes her different is that she believes healthy eating can be fun and enjoyable. She knows that the only way to sustain a lifestyle change is when we find joy and satisfaction in what we are doing. So she invites everyone to think outside the box, to challenge the norm, to give vegetables a chance, and most importantly to do all things with love.

She is currently conducting Private In-Home Cooking Classes, Healthy Eating Workshops and Seminars around the country.

For any inquiries kindly call us at 5112634 /09199902813 or email at yoganowcenter13@yahoo.com. Reserve your slot before the 26th.

Featured Photo by Roy Delez

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