BEST WISHES to Runners turned Race Directors / Organizers this Weekend!

For the runners I met along the way, some of them have also became race directors (RD) / organizers. This weekend, it happens that there are 3 of them who have races.

So instead of wishing good luck to the runners! I wish this race directors the best of good luck!

Jake Liarta, RD of Runnilla Eco Challenge
Reminder Race briefing / race kit distribution tonight at UP Cebu, details here >>

Jake is a man with few words. So it was surprising when the few words he said was that he would organize a race in his hometown Minglanilla.


Albert Tagaytay (TOES), Race and Shine Leyte
You can read a story about this inspiring barefoot ultramarathoner here >>.

Albert is the one 2nd from the left. The last time I saw him was last Cebu City Marathon. I mean he’s one of the regular barefoot runners during CCM. CCM will not be so CCM if you will not see this guy.


Ira Bermudo, Camiguin Island 360 Degrees Ultramarathon
Here are 5 Things to Do After Finishing Camiguin Island 360 to make your race more fun.

I’ve been annoying this running engineer ever since, asking about his races in Camiguin. Unfortunately, I’m only up to annoying him. I’m glad to see his first ultramarathon is successful.

After CCM, I got to meet briefly Ira at AWUM race briefing. I hope to see Camiguin runners next year in AWUM.

There are still a lot of running friends who are and have been organizing races. I would also just like to share another more of them:

Allan de Lima, Sarbay Fest Triathlon Challenge (May 16, 2014)

It’s definitely going to be beautiful. I know him to be more active in trail running so when you say trail runner, they’re really particular with their routes to be challenging and scenic.

Allan at MAPAWA Trail Marathon, the last I met him.

Ava Villareal, Run for Peace and Unity Half Marathon 2014 (May 11, 2014)

That nerdy friend / officemate I had before that I never expected to be ever running. But here she is now, running everywhere and helping her running group, Surigao Runners Club, organizing races. Please watch out for her article soon in runroo, more about Surigao.

At AWUM 2014, the last time we saw each other.


And, I just have again to congratulate the RD of the last race, Sipalay City Ultramarathon, I joined — Doc Bob Ledesma. The route gave justice to the Jewel of the Sugar Island. You can read about more about the Sipalay Ultra here >>.

He will have his next ultramarathon race in his hometown, Silay City. Watch out for the Silay City Ultramarathon this June 7, 2014, more here >>. Hope the route will still have the Doc Bob’s beautiful but brutal route.

DSC01351There are a lot that I missed here! So yeah, I think next is that I will create an article about RD from time to time to get to know more about them too!

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