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LGU Minglanilla Represent: From Proxy Runner to More

Event: Runnilla Eco Challenge (SLOTS AVAILABLE for 18K!)
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The Runnilla Eco Challenge will be held in Minglanilla, Cebu in time for the Kabanhawan Festival. So let’s get to know a runner from Minglanilla.

Myrrha Mimie Castillo is one of the runners from Minglanilla, Cebu, who will be joining the Runnilla Eco Challenge. She started running in 2010 as a proxy (substitute) runner for her mother in a fun run for a cause, Takbo Para sa Pasko.

But working abroad, her running had to take a backseat.
Now, she’s back and staying for good. She is currently serving her town Minglanilla as one of the backbones in the LGU office.

She is also back to running, more serious this time. It’s her way of relaxing and energizing herself from the job that asks a lot of her energy and focus. And, it gets more fun when she found running mates in her colleagues.


“What I love most about running is when I arrived at the finish line, after a long distance run, the feeling of fulfillment that I thought it was impossible after competing against myself. Oh, it’s simply awesome…. Running makes me discover , to appreciate the beauty of nature especially in trail running. I can feel the positive energy every time I am surrounded with trees and grasses along the way. It eases the body from all the pains. It made me more stronger to run until the finish line.” Myra explains about her running.

She and some of her colleagues will be joining the Runnilla Eco Challenge this Sunday.


From proxy runner, she now aims for the All-Women Ultramarathon 2015! =)

As a Minglanilla resident, here are some suggestions of restos / delicacies you can check from her hometown:

* AA Grill Calajoan, Minglanilla
* Los Companeros, Pakigne, Minglanilla
* For snacks, check delicious budbud (sticky rice) of D Twins, Pob. Ward 1
* Hopia factory in Lower Calajoan, Minglanilla

For resorts, she suggested:
* Tubod Flowing Water, Tubod, Minglanilla
* Villa Rammelyn, Lower Calajoan

Goodluck, Mimie and the rest of Minglanilla runners! It’s your trail, OWN it! =)

This post is in part of the Runnilla Eco Challenge! Slots are still available for 18K category, register now online at STORE.AKTIB.PH, or at the following registration centers listed in the poster.

For schedule of race briefing & race kit distribution, see here >>.
Register Poster Detailsre

* Photo credits: All photos from Myrrha Castillo.

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