Dagan Para sa Kalikupan (Environment): Together for 1000 Seedlings & Beyond

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Last week, I was privileged to be in press conference tackling about climate change. I’m pessimistic about this kind of topic because sometimes it just remained to be a topic. No action. But when I started to listen to the group, Cebu Climate Change Association Inc. (CCCAI), I could not help but be thankful that people who are sincerely passionate about working on balancing the environment preservation and commercial development exist in Cebu.

Cebu Climate Change Association Inc.: Two Heads Better Than One

Cebu Climate Change Association Inc. is still a young starting group, formed last year. Each of them has been working on preserving the environment, most of them as consultants, for a long time. And, they saw the need to come together and join forces to make a bigger lasting impact on the preservation of environment in a more coordinated manner.

It’s NOT that no one is working on preserving environment. According to them, Cebuanos are actually very supportive when it comes to environment projects. It’s just that there is / was no smooth coordination among different groups and sectors.

So they come together to facilitate and align the different sectors’ and individuals’ effort in preserving the environment. This way, all actions for the preservation of the environment will be implemented efficiently, more sustainably, and can provide a maximum result.

One of the speakers present at the conference was Mr. Oscar Yu of Cebu Equal Trading. Their agency serves as waste collector, as well as recycle the waste into a usable product again. One of the hazardous waste they collect is used cooking oil. Yes, used cooking oil is hazardous.

He said one way we can help in efficiently minimizing a simple hazardous waste like cooking oil is to have a collection point in our neighborhood or barangay, and they will be willing to collect and buy them. This is one of the point where the CCCAI will coordinate and link the government units with the private sector.

Oscar Yu of Cebu Equal Trading

Oscar Yu of Cebu Equal Trading, with Engr. Alan Dinampo, President CCCAI, and Joel Juarez of Coco Running

“If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together”
– African proverbs

As the group works with different private businesses and government agencies, they also want to get more individual citizens involved. Because after all, environment is not about them or different businesses and government agencies. It concerns everyone, including their and our children.

So they came up with Dagan Para sa Kalikupan, a fun run this coming June 1, 2014, more info at aktib page >>. This fun run is one of their activities to spread awareness and re-awaken everyone’s compassion for the environment. The fun run aims to gather 1000 seedlings or more from the event. Runners (or not) who will join this race are encourage to bring a seedling with them upon registration or during the race. (For now, you can drop seedling at Parkmall when registering.) The seedlings will then be planted in their pre-determined areas for reforestation.

They target the running community as they know that runners are one of the very compassionate people, which can provide a big boost to their / our movement.


If you want to be part of the group’s different activities of the CCCAI group, and help:
* You can join their scheduled tree-planting / maintenance activities, simply check their facebook group here >>

Photo by Blensbelle Con Le Armi

Photo by Blensbelle Con Le Armi

* Instead of throwing away seeds, plant it, grow it to a seedling, then donate it to CCCAI. Or, you can also sell your seedlings to them. You can put up a nursery, and be a supplier of seedlings to CCCAI.
* You can also donate / sell any containers that can be reused as a pot for seedling. If your business also needs assistance in your environmental compliance requirements, CCCAI can also help you.
* If you have business who wants to contribute to this effort, you can link with this group.
* Or, join the Dagan Para sa Kalikupan for a start. You still have ample time to train for it as it will be in June 1, 2014. At P350 for 3K, you will already have a singlet, medal, and certificate.

Your little step to preserving our kalikupan = priceless to our children!

Photo by Aldrex Rosales Rolluque

Mangrove Planting at Obong, Dalaguete, Cebu. Photo by Aldrex Rosales Rolluque

*Featured photo by Danilo Alfornon
* Also, you might want to check Runnilla Eco Challenge (April 13, 2014), an event to promote eco-adventure tourism, more info >>
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