[SOCCSKSARGEN] Top 5 Running Routes in General Santos City

Related Event: SarBay Fest Triathlon Challenge – May 16, 2014 (More info >>) General Santos City is in the province of South Cotabato in the Philippines. It‘s also known as Dadiangás. The name, ‘Dadiangas’, a native call for a tree which has thorns on its trunk and stems that abundantly thrive in Gensan during the time. It was the original name of our city founded 60 years ago. People now prefer to call it by its modern name, Gensan. It’s also been dubbed as the “Tuna Capital of the Philippines”. Gensan has a vibrant and growing running community. From simple short distance fun-runs (few years ago) to a half-marathon or a full marathon distance race events. Trail running scene is also starting to grow very quickly. People are now more eager to train for their first half or full marathon or even their first trail run. Here are top 5 training grounds in Gensan. Be it on the trail or on the road. 5. Circumferential Road connecting to GENSAN Airport


Taking a picture at the bridge with a view of Mt. Matutum at the back.

The circumferential road connecting to GENSAN Airport is one of the good training grounds for an uphill/downhill sessions.

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The highway has lesser traffic making it popular for bikers also.

But remember to equip yourself with night-running essentials such as reflective gears and headlamps because some parts of the route are in pitch black darkness (no road lights). Safety first! I also sell some of these night-running essentials which I wore from the picture above. Please search and like Jeapee Running Essentials on facebook >>.  

4. Robinson Mall of Gensan to Alabel Road


My running buddies are going the distance!

Going from Robinson Mall of Gensan to Alabel road is perfect for a flat long run training sessions. This road is also a part of the route used in Milo Marathon regional elimination races. Hydration and nutrition is not a problem as there are many sari-sari stores in this route. 3. Night Run along the City
Photo by Arnel Joshua Bucoy Lim

It’s Kwaknit Run time! While it may be impossible for late night sleepers to hit the road for a morning run, the KWAKNIT RUN, organized by TEAM MATUTUM, is initiated to invite other running enthusiasts to fill the road and to sweat out in the evening.
Photo by Arnel Joshua Bucoy Lim

Unlike regular fun runs where registration fees and competitive motivation are required and expected, the Kwaknit Run enforces a fun and easy run between and among fellow runners to traverse an easy route, roughly 5KM for newbie runners and a longer distance of 10 -12KM for the seasoned runners. Have a view of the bright city lights as you enjoy jogging with your friends on this night-time activity! And, don’t forget your night-running essentials, get some here >> 2. Sanchez Peak

Popsie, a senior runner, runs his way back to the base.

Sanchez peak is located in Balakayo, Barangay Olimpog (or also known as little Tagaytay). It’s considered as the city’s highest peak. It has an elevation of about 730meters above sea level.

You need to survive a couple of kilometers of steep rocky uphill. You will feel the cold air blowing up to your face as you go up along the way. You will be rewarded with an awesome view of mt. matutum and gaze at the view of the panorama of lowland, mountain ranges. Watch our running video. Route B in action! 1. Purok Bagong Buhay Trail

Photo by Arnel Joshua Bucoy Lim

Team matutum on another trail adventure!
Photo by Arnel Joshua Bucoy Lim

This was featured by Runner’s World Philippines (Kuya Kim as the cover model). One of the very exciting trail routes to discover as you become amazed at the wide hectares of Dole pineapples along the route. There’s a small river to cross which is very challenging. A steep uphill a waits you at the final stretch of the route. At this point, you have the option to go to 2 different sub-routes: an easier one and a much more technical and more challenging one. The easier one is also known as “route a”. It’s a much shorter distance to the peak where you can take a group picture and rest at the local’s hut. Now, if you’re feeling like a warrior and want to take up the challenge then go for the “route b”. A muddy steep uphill awaits you and steeper uphill to conquer along the way. Watch our running video *Photo credits: JP Villamor & Arnel Joshua Bucoy Lim — You want to race nearby Gensan, check out SarBay Fest Triathlon Challenge – May 16, 2014 (More info >>), a triathlon to happen in SOCCSKSARGEN area (Central Mindanao).


*** Written by: 1549571_608681672536140_1960180654_n John Paul Villamor. A minimalist runner from General Santos City who loves both their roads and trails. And, he thinks of runners’ / athletes’ safety, check Jeapee Running Essentials >>.

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  1. DJ Junio 10 September, 2016 at 10:50 am #

    FYI: “Dadiangas” is not the old name of Gensan. “Dadiangas” is the name of an area were seat of government for the Municipality of Buayan located (present time: Oval plaza, city hall & Plaza Heneral Santos). Municipality of Buayan is the official name before it was renamed to Municipality of General Santos on June 1954 and eventually converted to city on July 1968.

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