5 Things to Do After Finishing Camiguin Island 360

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The beautiful Island Provine of Camiguin, named as one of the BEST PLACES TO GO IN THE PHILIPPINES, will be having its first ultramarathon dubbed CAMIGUIN ISLAND 360 on April 12, 2014. The race route has a total distance of 64 kilometers and will circle the entire island province with a generous cut-off time of 12 hours.

Camiguin is called the Island Born of Fire because  it was formed as a result of volcanic eruptions hundreds of years ago. A popular tourist destination, it is home to white sand beaches, majestic waterfalls, cold and hot springs and a few Spanish heritage sites.


Having been to Camiguin a number of times, I listed 5 things that you can do after finishing Camiguin Island 360. Hopefully, these post-run activities will enable you to enjoy more of your Camiguin experience.

1. Ice Bath at Katibawasan Falls


According to an article in Runner’s World,immersing your legs in cold water after a long or hard run will probably help reduce delayed onset of muscle soreness. So head 5 km southeast of Mambajao and take a dip on the ice cold water of Katibawasan Falls while marveling on the view of the 76-meter cascades surrounded by green vegetation.

2. Warm bath in Ardent Hot Spring

Or if you believe in “pasma” then treat your battered hamstrings, quads and calves to a warm bath at Ardent Hot Spring. Situated at the foot of Hibok-Hibok Volcano. you can choose from its 4 separate pools arranged in cascades with varying degree of hotness (the highest at about 40 degrees Celsius.)

3. Hop to White Island Sandbar


Runners who finished the race early can rent a pump boat and enjoy swimming at the White Island. This sandbar offers pure white sands and a magnificent view Mt. Hibok-Hibok. Since the place has no vegetation that can shade you from the heat of the sun, it is best to come here early in the morning.

4. Hop to Mantigue Island


If a bare sandbar is not your thing, then you can go to Mantigue Island Nature Park off the coast of Barangay San Roque. In my own opinion, Mantigue is a whole lot better than the more popular White Island. It is surrounded by white sands and is a protected sanctuary with rich marine life making it ideal not only for beach bumming but also for diving and snorkeling. It also has a mangrove forest with a canteen where you can order lunch. Picnic tables and huts and snorkeling gears are also available for rent.

5. Pastel-All-You-Can


Photo from VjANDEP Facebook Page

Have your fill of the famous VjANDEP Pastel, a soft dough bun filled with yummy yema, which originates in this province. Yes, it is loaded with sugar but after circling the island on foot, you know you rightfully deserved it!

Camiguin 360 will happen on April 12, 2014 at 10 PM. Registration is still on going until March 31, 2014. Visit this LINK for more details.

How To Get There:

1. By air – Cebu Pacific flies directly from Cebu to Camiguin every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Daily flights will start on April 1.

2. By boat – Ferry/RORO boats regularly sail from Jagna, Bohol to Camiguin and from Balingoan, Misamis Oriental to Camiguin.

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