Western Visayas’ AWUM represents!

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For the third year, Cebu running community will celebrate the International All-Women’s Day showcasing the true grit and strength of women in a not-so-usual event, the All-Women Ultramarathon (AWUM). It is a 50-kilometer ultramarathon foot race exclusive to women organized by Think Tank with Cebu Ultrarunners Club (CUC).

Photo from Willie Estepa

Think Thank
Photo from Willie Estepa

I guess I can say that over time, it became more than an event by the organizers. It has become something everyone in Cebu running community, not only the women, look forward to every year. This is the day that the different local running groups, biking groups, and others will come out in the street to support and recognize the importance WOMEN.

So let me welcome our women friends from other provinces coming to Cebu to join in this celebration.

First off.

Bacolod City

Welcome, sweet ladies from the land of sugar plantations…

Dawn Diaz (Team Prep)

Photo by Ricky Infante

Photo by Ricky Infante

of piyaya, napoleones…

Charity Ruiz (in mermaid costume. Panaad Runners)

Photo by Benz Ruiz

Photo by Benz Ruiz

of “inasal manok,” and “kansi”…

Inday Tan (Panaad Runners)

Photo from Inday Tan

Photo from Inday Tan

and Masskara Festival. Wearing all those heavy costume must say something about their endurance.

Emma Piadoche

Photo from Emma Piadoche

Photo from Emma Piadoche

But these girls also come from the land of talented runners, and that they have massive uphills for training ground.

Silay City

Cathy Taleon (Smoke 10 Runners)

Photo from Cathy Taleon

Photo from Cathy Taleon

Ilonngas, we can say can be tough women sprinkled with sweets and festivity. Namet gid for volting in the girl power! Western Visayas’ women represent!

Watch out for more of stories of the inspiring people of All-Women Ultramarathon!

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