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3 Years Ago, a photographer asked “So what does it take to run a full marathon?”

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(A screenshot of the question / status he posted in 2011 after he was “shooting” runners in CCM 2011. The following year, he ran the 21K. But only 2014, when he finally answered his question at The Bull Runner Marathon.)
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After my first 42K attempt yesterday, I can now answer this question myself after 3 long years of wondering.

First of all, it takes a lot of courage to even begin to consider training to run a full marathon, never would I have imagined that I would want to do this.

Second is lots and lots of serious training. I slacked off, that’s why I was over whelmed by the distance. I lacked LSD’s.

Third is mental preparation and a lot of heart. You will doubt yourself and think about giving up, but if you just hang in there and realize it couldn’t get any worse than it already is then you are going to finish.

And, that believing in race day magic is like believing in Santa Claus. LOL

I am very happy that I got to run a full marathon! It was a perfect day to run. I was determined to finish no matter what. And I thank God for keeping me injury free so I can run this particular same race again next year — hoping for a better finishing time.

So here’s to the marathoners and ultra marathoners out there, I have nothing but respect for you guys! I now know first hand what it takes to run a full marathon.

I can now finally change my cover photo….

(What can does this cover photo mean?)

Photo Axl Acibar taken during his first coverage of Ultramarathon Race in 2010.

Photo Axl Acibar taken during his first coverage of Ultramarathon Race in 2010.


The above post is originally posted by James Go as a reply to his own status and question posted in 2011. There’s a lot to learn from it that I asked his permission to repost it.

A full article about his first marathon experience will be published soon in Sun-Star. So watch out for it, and make sure to grab a copy! =)

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