Cafe Lucia: That Quaint Coffee Shop in Tacloban, Leyte

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It was near the Astrodome, but far enough to be separated from the crowd there. So you get to see this view from the cafe.

Then, this is the view that would greet you upon entering Cafe Lucia.

I have this big thing for coffee, and coffee shops. It’s probably the topmost priority for me when getting to a new place. I would not mind bad accommodation as long as there is good coffee around. So it was such a pleasant surprise that this coffee place, Cafe Lucia, was just across the pension house we stayed at in Tacloban, Leyte during the 1st I Shall Return Ultramarathon in 2012.


Honestly, I could not recall if their coffee was good or what. But of course, I know it was decent enough.

Because with a view like this, you just tend to be drowned in the moment.

Jade Abellana (in the photo) was the 4th placer of the I Shall Return Ultramarathon 2012. And, Randy Labiste, her current boyfriend, was also there but we never saw him, even a shadow of him. He was only an admirer-stalker at that time. Then, they returned the following year as “in-a-relationship.” Sweet, right?!?

Back to Cafe Lucia… It’s probably shallow of me but it was the first thing that really came into my mind when I learned about the wrath of Yolanda it left on Tacloban. It was in seafront so there’s no way it could escape Yolanda.

So I looked it up, and this is how it looks like now but with a message stronger than Yolanda. =)

Hi Yolanda, I wasnt prepared for your visit last month but i guess no one was. I may have some regrets in meeting you for the simple fact that you took everything from me. But still im glad to have met you, because you are the reason that i will comeback stronger and you are the reason that i will be better.

cafe lucia

This coming Feb. 23, 2014, Tacloban, Leyte will have its 2nd Unity Run. No registration  fee. But you are encouraged to  share school supplies for the school children. A pencil and notebook will do! For more info, check here >>.

Unityrun2_jpeg_-_CopyLet’s share in their stronger comeback!

Featured Photo by Lester Tabada.
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