Love Letters to Runners

Starting Line

They say, “Marathon can change ones life.”

Does it?

KM 10.

Dear James,

On my first road half-marathon, I was drowned with cheers of “Go, James, go!” That was the first time I encountered you, one of the well-loved runners in Cebu.

But I came to not forget you, and looked-up to to u as a runner was when the cheers were gone and was replaced with bad cramps, and we’re all left alone with a few struggling runners on the very back of the race, you and your cheerful doggedness were still fully intact without a trace of giving up.

I may be the very last runner of that half-marathon, but I was feeling such a winner that for a moment I witnessed that there is no such thing as impossible.

KM 20.

Dear IJ,

You’re probably one of the few runners who were very happy to cross the finish line of the Milo half-marathon eliminations even 30 minutes beyond the cut-off time and with the crew taking down the arc, but still feel very proud of ones self.

Sometimes when we get jaded, you are a welcome refreshing personality to bump into in the running community. When we get disappointed with our PRs and such, your aura of “innocence” reminds us of why do we run.

KM 30.

At one point in the marathon, we cannot help but asked if are we really worth it? If do we really have what it will take to finish a marathon distance? And, I guess for someone new in marathon, this doubts can be louder.

But know that, you are more than the marathon and the medal.

Not all races maybe won by IJ, but then she may be unknowingly be the light to someone’s battle.

Photo from IJ’

As they say, “any one can run;” but not every one can be a good photographer and video editor which is an entirely different whole story of James Go. His feet may not be that talented in the races, but his eyes can capture beauty out of vagueness. He’s the main person behind the “Pocket Prints,” more info here >>.

(Video from KurtFicktures)

KM 40.

I guess this is probably the point in the race that you will feel the pain the most but you might also feel the most grateful of your self for being strong and for having come this far, for those friends who are with you in this journey.

The Dream Team
Photo from IJ

And, I’m thankful that I came across you two in one of those races, in my own life’s race.

Finish line.

As they said, “Marathon can change one’s life.” But looking back at my brief encounters with you, it may also change the lives of the people around you. James is a reminder that impossible is just a word; and, IJ is a reminder to be grounded and grateful.

Photo by Reynan Opada

To James & IJ, KUMBATI on your upcoming The Bull Runner Dream Marathon!!!

Screen Shot from tbrdream.com

Screen Shot from tbrdream.com

There is nothing like your first! And, there is no one like you two! =) When things may start to look to fall apart, just remember you’re from the land of Lapu-lapu, and Sto. Nino is cheering for you!



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