Athletes Talk 2: Trail Running 101

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Though they say that Philippines is 80% trail, the “trail running” scene can still be considered young in this country.

So without much further ado, we’re inviting you again to a Trail Running 101 talk to appreciate our own lovely trails:

What: Athletes Talk, Trail Running 101
Where: AS Lobby, UP Cebu, Lahug, Cebu City (UP High School side)
How to join? Simply “heart” or post a comment to Athletes Talk 2: Trail Running 101 aktib page >>. It’s free!

…and let’s get reacquainted with our trails and get in touch with our inherent love for it.

Following are our interesting speakers:

Photo from Nap's file

Photo from Nap’s file


Nap dela Torre
Silver Trophy, HK Vibram 100

If you witnessed the CCM 2014, that guy who was dragging tires at his back the whole 42KM distance, he was that guy! Or he was that guy in the 7/42 (7 marathons in straight 7 days), then 8/42.

Being a city guy, he will share tips and experiences on how he trained for his trail races in the CITY.








Photo from Cebu Trail Runners

Lyra Valles
2nd placer, BDM 160

You might wonder that BDM 160 is a road race so what is she supposed to do with trail running. This girl is actually an all-terrain runner, she races on roads and on trail. She was a mountaineer before she got hooked into running. Then last year, she finally find an event that combined the things she is most passionate about, running and mountains, in trail running!

As a mountaineer, she will be sharing with us basic tips in mountaineering that are applicable in trail running, tips on transitioning or switching training for road race to trail race.

You can check our feature story of her here >>.

Photo by Charles Latorre


Brian Tan Seng
CM 50 Admin / Trail Blazer

Just like our other speakers, this guy has been running races, road and trails, all over the country and outside. If he’s not racing, he’s trail blazing. So he will be sharing his experiences in different trail races, and trail treks so we could have an idea of what to expect on those races and treks, or simply just get more inlove with nature.







This talk is in part of Runnilla Eco Challenge,

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